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  1. My question is why did he need to do this with a father who played in the big leagues? Did Tatis Sr. go broke or do they not have a good relationship? I'm sure he wasn't making chump change when he played.
  2. Not to ignore your question but what is the keeper price for Freeman if you kept him over Lowe? I realize Lowe in the 19th round is a ridiculous bargain but keeping Freeman may be worth it as well given other teams are most likely to keep some of the normal 1st and 2nd round picks.
  3. I like the reference! In every mock I do I come to the point where I have the chance to take Judge and I just can't pull the trigger even with his discounted ADP. Same goes for Stanton. I know they can both be league winning picks especially with where they are going in drafts but I just have no faith in them staying healthy. I've been burned by both the last 2 seasons so maybe that plays into my extreme displeasure for these 2.
  4. I would say your missing a little fire power to win it this year but it's not like your team can't compete. Really like Carlson and I think Bichette takes another step forward this year into becoming a superstar. It's honestly a very nice young team that could surprise. Not really a huge fan of the rotation if I am being honest. Some good quality names but no one really stands out as the guy to carry the rotation. I'm guessing Gore would be the hope in that department but that's a year or 2 away. Gun to my head I would say look to improve for the coming seasons. You could still co
  5. Yeah they have been doing hot yoga together all offseason. I don't know if that translates to more games played but their Downward Dog is probably exceptional at this point.
  6. You millennials and your damn name changes!!! What did Rotoworld offend someone? 🙂
  7. I would be lying if I said it doesn't have some reasoning but it's only a small % (10%) of why I want the DH. I really thought my reasoning about SP pitching deeper into games would appease the old school baseball fan. I get we will never see guys consistently throwing complete games again but I just can't stomach when a guy gets pulled for a pinch hitter in the 7th of a 1-1 game.
  8. Ok well the way I look at this is if its a 10 team league with everyone keeping 5 players those two first round picks you have are not really first round picks. What I mean is the top 50 players are probably already off the board if other teams can keep any 5 players from last years draft. Belly is basically a borderline 1st round pick in a normal redraft and Arenado is easily a top 50 player even with the move out of Coors. You would be silly not to take either one for either of those picks IMO. You basically have two 6th round picks in a redraft league. If the guy is willing to gi
  9. What is the draft looking like? Who are the top 10 players left? I mean I am assuming all the good players are being kept so if you are able to land Bellinger for either one of those picks I would do it in a heartbeat. Hard to give advice on this without knowing what is left in the draft.
  10. I seen someone saying that the people wanting The Universal DH are all millennials who want nothing but to change everything. I doubt many millennials frequent the Rotoworld Fantasy Baseball Talk Forums LOL!!! I also know for a fact that a lot of old school baseball people would have no issue making the DH for both leagues. People saying they want to see more runs is fine and dandy I don't think it will increase runs the way some are thinking it will. My main reasoning for wanting the DH in both leagues is I am sick of SP getting pinch hit for when they have 80 pitches and are in a close g
  11. Not so much a phrase but I hate when teams just send offers that make no sense to (trigger word) "UPGRADE" my team. For instance I'm sitting in 1st or 2nd place and Story goes on the DL for maybe a month. I send out a few offers for some replacement type SS but nothing game changing. Get countered with sending my best player Freddie Freeman for Jean Segura, Christian Walker, Nathan Eovaldi, and some other WW fodder. "Oh but your getting 4 for 1". I usually always respond or counter a trade but when I get these offers I know there is no point.
  12. Fantasy baseball above all other fantasy sports does require the most skill/dedication. If you want to say fantasy football has some luck involved then sure I can see the argument but when it comes to baseball the best owners always seem to be at the top of their leagues. Unless your doing weekly leagues where your decisions are limited baseball requires you to manage your team every single day. Whether it be add/drops or just waiting to see starting lineups for the day. Casual owners never last in competitive baseball leagues.
  13. I see no negatives in having the DH for both leagues. I myself am all for tradition but I have never liked pitchers hitting from the time I started watching baseball. Pitchers pitch and hitters hit. Why not make a rule where one of your position players has to pitch an inning each game? Really what is the downside? "Damn my NL SP gets to actually pitch a full game and not get pinch hit for in the 6th inning".
  14. No option for max IP just min. The problem with just having minimum IP is you are only restricting one strategy and that's the owners that try to win ERA and WHIP by keeping their starts to a minimum. Obviously this can backfire just like starting 500 pitchers a week can but the people that just constantly stream SP will most likely have more K's and W's at the end of the week. I don't see the issue with them just adding a max IP or GS limit for H2H. They have the option for MAX IP for ROTO why not H2H? By they I mean Yahoo.
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