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  1. I know Harpers numbers aren't off the wall good so far but he looks so locked in at the plate this year. HR he just hit was a rope to the opposite field.
  2. Guy is unreal! He's just gotten better and better with age. I think I will still be drafting him in his age 50 year.
  3. It's honestly crazy that Matt Olsen is such a hot topic 22 ABs into the season. It's not like he's even gone 0'fer and people are talking about dropping him. Should we drop Trevor Story he hasn't hit a HR yet either?
  4. Conforto's new arm guard should be on display Sat.
  5. Figured I would get this thread bumped up for when Judge doesn't play today.
  6. Can you believe someone just flat out dropped [Ozuna] in one of my leagues. I wouldn't say it's the most competitive leagues but even still why not try to trade him first. I have seen this happen so many times with proven star players being dropped after poor starts to seasons. You have to let people manage their teams but f*** is it annoying giving someone a free player like Ozuna.
  7. Depends on the rules of the league. I know I am in a few long standing leagues that frown upon leaving active roster spots open. I myself think that you should have to fill each roster spot with a player. It can be a IL player, a player who is off that day, or someone not even in the major leagues but there should not be any open roster spots. If the league allows it then so be it you might as well us it to your advantage.
  8. Was hoping Irvin had another bad outing so we could get a glimpse of the A's best SP who is currently not on the big league roster.
  9. I got him as my #3 in most the leagues that mean anything to me. I know there will be some bad outings mixed in there but the guy always seems to keep his team in the game even when he doesn't have his A stuff. I wish I could clone him and just have a rotation full of Lance Lynn's to be honest.
  10. I have a feeling Conforto isn't going to have to lean into any pitches to get hit tomorrow 😁
  11. Honestly that hitch by pitch rule needs to be fixed ASAP.
  12. Sad that I was more excited to see Kyle Higashioka up with the game on the line then I was for Bruce or Frazier.
  13. Nick Castellanos may have something to say about that!!!
  14. I don't think he was brought in to challenge Gio at 3rd. Urshela is a gold glove defender who doesn't hurt the team with his bat. My guess even after Bruce hit a HR last night is that maybe they move DJ to first a couple times a week and let Odor play 2nd on those days.
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