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  1. Trust your gut in the end though. That washington matchup is not favorable. Even with Zeke back I can see Pollard being more explosive and having a good day.
  2. I'm in the same situation. I'm thinking Davis for more opportunity and volume even in a bad matchup.
  3. Thanks guys, I want to roll with Davis, but we'll see. Like a lot of you said, it's a coin flip and we'll see at 12:55 PM EST what it's going to be. Thanks so much for all the input.
  4. I have to go with Miles Sanders here. I trust him more and we're not sure what the efficiency will be with Wash back there. Despite the bad matchup I'll roll with Sanders. From everything I've read so far, I hear rumors Wentz is going to start and Ertz is back. Hopefully that means for more of a balanced attack with more of the main guys back. Just my 0.02, best of luck to you thanks for mine
  5. Jefferson. Hands down. More consistent and on an offense that can feed him the ball. Help with mine if you can.
  6. I like Herberts matchup, more friendly, more chance to air it out and I would want to stay away from Pitts defense. Jonnu has been more of a blocking TE from what i've seen. I would gamble on Ertz to be more of a playermaker and scoring. Help with mine if you can.
  7. I like Watson. I find that he is more consistent and has more potential for boom. I would ask about Davis and Gio, do you need to take those gambles? Do you have other solid starters in place because if you do, then roll with them.
  8. TY Hilton is my favorite option here. He's coming off a good game and in a potential shootout with a weak LV secondary, I like that play. Zeke is playing with a bruised calf from reports last night and I can see the other back taking away some carries if his injury is more serious than is letting on. Plus that Oline is all backups. T.Higgins and Tboys are both ok to me, I find TY ceiling much higher. Shepards good for targets but his output never translates for me. Hope that helps, help with mine if possible.
  9. Connor is safer, TY has more potential to do more imo. What do you need more in the matchup? Do you need to gamble or just make sure everyone just performs. That's how I would respond to this one. Help with mine if you can.
  10. I like Tonyan. Rodgers has found him and looks for him in the endzone. I like the chemistry and I would rather go with that. I find that there are more mouths to feed on TB.Help with mine if you can. Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, I keep getting mixed feelings and responses on this. M.Davis is starting but really hasn't performed well since weeks ago. But CMC is out and he's the main RB. CEH hasn't been exactly great either but is on an elite offense and is due for a "bounce back game?" I was planning on starting Mike Davis, but having second thoughts on rolling CEH instead. Any 2nd opinions on this? Thanks.
  12. Personally, I would take Hines here. He's a vital part to that offense and LV defense is full of holes against the pass. I really like that matchup. McKissic will be sharing with Barber and I have no clue how they will be used or how efficient they would be. Hines is safer and has a higher ceiling imo. Best of luck to you.
  13. Josh Jacobs here. He had a week off and that guy is a the main weapon on that offense when in. If he's out then it's Coutee for me as he's going to get a lionshare of looks today with Cooks out. Davis is high risk play. He can pan out, but I don't think your team needs to take that gamble. Hope this helps, best of luck. No response to any of my posts is needed. Thanks.
  14. It's Gio for me with those options. Like you said, Chubb is back and I see Hunt as a change of pace back. He has the potential to boom but I rather have Gio's matchup and potential lionshare of carries. Edmunds shares and hasn't been a factor so he's out for me. Safe play is Hunt, Gio is a gamble/risk for more. What do you need more is how I would ask you in this week's matchup.
  15. Even with the tougher matchup of the two options, I like the Dobbins play here. More consistent and becoming the main lead dog of the pack. Just how I would go about it. Best of luck to you.
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