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  1. I'm trying not to overthink things, but without having watched the Jags at all this year to see exactly how Chark is being used and how defenses are choosing to attack him, I just don't know what to expect from the offense without him, even if it is against Miami.
  2. Sadly, no. He's yet another one of the hot waiver wire adds that I had on my watchlist, but was too indecisive with.
  3. He was putting on a show all night long, but there was one carry in particular where he strung together a couple of lightning quick jukes that looked like some Madden X-Factor ****.
  4. It feels wrong to say, but I wouldn't want anything to do with Marte for this season now.
  5. I've made three so far in my standard 5x5 12 team H2H categories redraft: Stanton, Judge, and Luzardo for Bellinger, McCutchen, and Stripling Grandal and Bellinger for Yelich Olson, Reyes, and Suarez for Betts and Choo Had I known that I was going to be able to get Betts later on, I likely would've stuck with Bellinger and kept Grandal. I just wanted to own Yelich, quite frankly. I'm all about those 2-for-1 and 3-for-1 trades, up until the point that I feel like my roster can't handle it anymore, where I receive the best player in the deal and one of those upper
  6. I guess that I should've left open the latest trade offer that I received from the Bell owner, just in case.
  7. It doesn't work that way with trades, though - at least that's what the dude at Yahoo told me when I emailed them about it. According to him, it didn't make a difference that the offer was accepted while Adams in my IR spot was still listed as being out, nor the fact that the trade was opening up a spot for him on my bench regardless. I had to drop someone from my existing (full) roster in order to take Adams off of the IR first, and then that would allow for the trade to process as normal. Otherwise, the system would've canceled it. I know that that's not what you guys are talking
  8. “I just want to see him practice.” Well, let him participate then.
  9. Don't you guys know that a starter's talent automatically transfers over to the backup whenever they go down? That's like Fantasy 101. There's a reason why so many people say “if you drafted this guy, then you need to own his backup.” It's because backups are automatically guaranteed to put up the same level of production as the previous starter. That's just how it all works.
  10. How many kickers this year would you say are absolute must own? Are there any that are a necessity to hold onto through their bye week? In my ten team league, what if they all were drafted before I felt comfortable taking them, or are otherwise owned by different teams? Then what do I do - make a trade for one? Or don't you think that it would be smarter at that point, especially if I had a bench that is full of assets that I'd rather not outright drop if it isn't required, just to stream them? And if I'm streaming, what's the hurry to pick one up that I know is going to be there if and when I
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