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  1. Looked pretty good in his AAA start yesterday, fast track back by all star break possible
  2. I expect his xDiC to be around 6"-8" ROS
  3. Wow this thread didnt age well. just when you think they've thrown in the towel..
  4. Anyone got any good insight on this guy? Just cleared my waivers
  5. They got marwin as super utility but he hasn't been so hot lately so who knows
  6. I still believe, hes got the stuff he just needs to get out of his head
  7. Sadly I dropped him after his BB/K day, you probably should too if you havent already
  8. If hes not mashing I dont think he'll be rosterable when lamb shows up. I cant see them throwing away $5mil and benching lamb for him. Cron will probably be on the weak side of a platoon with a bunch of PH 0fers
  9. Maybe we start to see a trent where cron PH for 2 ABs a game. Split their time at the plate at first til walker slowly disappears back to the minors. The bigger question is what happens when lamb gets healthy?
  10. He continues taking bats from herrera or just mental health days??
  11. Thought he would be the next in line but they just called up touki not too long ago, whatever that means🤔🤔
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