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  1. [...] Drop?! Guy has been excellent. He remains my every day first baseman
  2. I drafted meadows for 2$ in a keeper league. He will be 5$ to keep next year. Insane. I spec’d him early last year and glad to see I was spot on. I’ve been high on him for a long time. He’s a ******** monster
  3. Okay Hunter, now's your shot to redeem yourself. bases juiced
  4. Why did I buy into hunter pence? 0-13 and swinging at trash like he has no idea what he's doing
  5. Hard to say. Just a feeling I guess. I'm sure I'm wrong but He has that it factor in my opinion.
  6. you don't have to be a jack a**. Just theorizing about fake baseball lol. Is this how you talk to people in real life?
  7. you find it funny now. Quote me on this and we can talk in october
  8. the guy is a stud and a potential first-second round fantasy pick next year. They aren't gonna platoon their best hitter outside of Merrifield.
  9. It has been an absolute joy owning Polanco and Rosario this year. What a couple of studs
  10. This guy has been a game-changer for me. What a stud. Triple and a single today. Potential keeper even
  11. Yeah I’m worried about pitching. Prob won’t get hiura so I’ll likely drop jones when pax comes back. Kind of hoping that Gibson and jerad bounce back. Presley and ottavino are free agents so I am considering them. But the other big minus is that I’ve spen all but 4$ of my free agent budget putting this team together so I’m kind of locked with what I have
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