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  1. Baez with the tough road..... Senzel is too much of a question mark. Gotta go with Lowe.
  2. looked at matchups: swanson: jorge lopez tbd keegan akin tbd rick porcello bichette: deivi garcia gerrit cole masahiro tanaka robbie ray vince velasquez jake arrieta
  3. Playoff week. Swanson at Orioles and Mets. Bichette at Yanks and Phillies. Love Bichette but, first full week back from injury. Do I roll with him? Dansby has performed well enough this year that maybe I play it safe and just roll with him?
  4. soooo, ya'll comfortable starting him, with no reservations, for this upcoming week?
  5. I play in a 10 team H2H points league. He is on the verge of being dropped if he doesn't show some life by the end of this week's games (Sunday). He has played 12 games since he returned from injury, and has 10 hits. With 4 weeks left to this season, the window to turn it around is rapidly closing.
  6. Right but, I thought that when a player tests positive, usually there is a few days after that positive test before the team plays again. When it happened the other week with the Mets, they cancelled a total of 4 games. I think the news came out Thursday, and they cancelled both the Thursday game, and the weekend series against the Yanks.
  7. With someone on the A's testing positive for Covid the other day, sounds like things are in a holding pattern. I've benched Chapman and Laureano, thinking that they will play a low number of games this week. I've got a couple of Padres that I'm keeping in the lineup though. They play Oakland this coming weekend. But, if they played them Mon-Thurs, I would have benched them. Am I blowing this out of proportion, or you think this is the right move?
  8. I'm slightly hesitant to start him this week. He's going up against Seattle. He pitched a gem against them last time. The time before that he still got me 10 points, despite the fact that he lost the game. But [...] I'm rollin' the dice. I feel like this is a crucial start for him from a FBB perspective. He started off strong but, hasn't even gone 6 innings the last two times out. An iffy showing against a Mariners team that he's pitched pretty well against twice this year, and he's no longer set it and forget it for me.
  9. I certainly didn't see this coming. But, with his talent, and resume, I'm just gonna stash him on the bench, and stream players for his position, knowing that right now, pretty much anyone I scoop off the WW is gonna give me more production that Gleyber.
  10. [...] I'm just hoping he's consistently pitching 6 innings by the end of the month. Not starting him until then. As others have mentioned, if he starts to hit form for the stretch run of the FBB season, and playoffs, I'm happy.
  11. Considering they have a double header tomorrow, I'm surprised they used their bullpen as much as they did tonight.
  12. Looking for 5 more for this league. Any ?'s, lemme know.
  13. ok. i'll get you added. i won't be sending anything until we get closer to full capacity though....
  14. To answer a question I received via DM that I should add here: top 6 make playoffs.
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