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  1. hi guys, league is PPR with normal scoring basic, 5 keepers , i'm keeping Justin Herbert -qb, Aaron Jones -rb, Stephan Diggs -wr, Justin Jefferson - wr. now i need to pick only ONE of these players, Miles Sanders -rb(105pts), Ronald Jones -rb(111pts), J.K. Dobbins -rb(113pts), George Kittle -te(71pts) but only played half season !! I'm leaning towards, J.K. Dobbins -rb, George Kittle -te - maybe ?? any takes would be nice, thx, Vern
  2. thx, Boudewijn, yes limits we have, lots of room for QB, RB, WR, TE, but IDP has 3 limits per position. after reading your post, you got me thinking now that is maybe keep both NUK & Golly instead of one of my IDP, great info
  3. yes it's keeper league, not dynasty, my bad, it's 25 roster with IDP as well, only 5 keepers allowed, i have IDP players to keep, so you have to let starters go, tough picks but thx, seems most still like NUK, i will go with that.
  4. hey guys, this may sound crazy but how do you feel keeping either one of these, standard scoring,, Hopkins or Golliday, every site checked shows both close, i'm leaning Golliday, yes as outlook is close, Hopkins gets more targets, both had 10 TD last year, thx, Vern
  5. hi, interested for sure in CFL 1, 2, 3, 4, , i've played fantasy sports 20 yrs, ran my league's, would love to join, thx, Vern email weaslevl@yahoo.ca
  6. hey guys, i'm in this league, click on his profile & send him email, ok. he asked me to tell you, k
  7. hey, i'm interested but would like to check out league overall settings, i've played fantasy sports 20 yrs or so, alot of championships, in money league's, now mostly FREE, i also ran teams for most of 17 yrs, if still looking for people, please send me invite to Vern, email is weaslevl@yahoo.ca
  8. hi, just sent you email as well as post here, i would be interested if teams available to check out, i have 20yrs experience, thx my email is, weaslevl@yahoo.ca
  9. thx guys, made my pick, i stuck with who i was thinking, Duvernay
  10. normal stats league, would like to draft WR, "WHO" , i kinda like Duvernay to get into lineup in Baltimore, with QB Jackson , Laviska Shenault is 2nd option. available at the top of wr available, Laviska Shenault, KJ Hamler, Antonio Gibson, Van Jefferson, Devon Duvernay
  11. hello all, i'm looking to join a FREE IDP DYNASTY LEAGUE, either start up or need replacement owner, email me please, weaslevl@yahoo.ca been playing fastasy sports for 20 yrs, thx, my name is Vern 🤠
  12. hey, i'm very interested in this league start up, please send me an email if still need owners, I'm Vern, played fantasy for 20 yrs, email > weaslevl@yahoo.ca
  13. hi guys, i had a player with the stat, RD, i've searched hi & lo as to what this stat is for, not PD, but, RD, any help please fmi, thx
  14. my league in hockey is now full, thx
  15. ok, thx for interest, i will send an invite tonite, my email is correct on my post so i don't understand why it would say invalid, strange. hmmm
  16. this league is total redraft each year, no keepers, 12 teams, we need 2 more owners, email please if interested, weaslevl@yahoo.ca i'm Vern, thx
  17. thx guys, all are going with what i was thinking, Davenport, so the keeper move has been made. appreciated
  18. thx Warpster, the scoring system is kinda basic, jfi, Apple i was thinking of dropping, as both Davenport-DE, & Flowers-CB, are Rookies last year, but i liked Davenport more .
  19. hi guys, i can only keep one, Marcus Davenport - DE, Tre Flowers - CB, Eli Apple CB , I'm leaning towards Davenport. suggestions appreciated.
  20. league is mfl standard scoring, i need 5 keepers, help in picking would be appreciated, i'm new to basketball. starting lineup, PG,SG,G,SF,PF,F,C,C my team, PG-Rubic, SG-Kennard, G-Arcidiacono, SF/PF-Aminu, PF/SF-James,SF/PF-Thaddeus Young, C- McGee, C/PF-Gibson, SG/SF-Ingles, SG/SF-ETwaum Moore, C-Kanter, PG-Lonzo Ball, PG/SG-Dragic ok, i like, Ingles, Young, James, now leaning towards - Dragic or Rubic or Kanter for my other 2 keepers. any thoughts much appreciated, thx
  21. thx cosmin, just reminder this is a redraft league, so no keepers, ok,, fyi league is still on last year results, waiting for this years activation to open. I will send an invite today, thx, Ver n
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