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  1. Are you really trying to say your only criticism was that his hit tool isn't an 80? Talk about revisionist. You flat out said his swing doesn't look like it plays up to big league stuff 2 weeks ago.
  2. It's not spin; it's their factual production by the exact performance criteria I stated months ago. Smith Jr is a sub replacement level player for his career so missing a few weeks likely just stopped him from falling deeper into the negative. He's played 80 games anyways; a minor DL stint is hardly an excuse. Go ahead and compare him to Bautista again.
  3. False. As I clearly said May 20: They're at 0.7 total since that date.
  4. Right, because after lighting up every level of the minors he's clearly going to learn anything there. Despite all the complaining he's still a league average hitter, so he's right where he belongs.
  5. You wish you were 5% as successful as any of those "horrific losers." Calm down on the hyperbole.
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