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  1. Albies is probably the deal breaker. Just do 3-1 and I bet he’s more apt to trade you Tatis. Just don’t include Wander in the deal.
  2. I think your list is correct. I’d be shopping Bellinger tbh. A shoulder injury on that infamous forearm bash with Kiki may rob him of some power. You can get a premium value for him.
  3. That's too much IMO. Can he add a prospect? Or maybe instead of Jrod / Luciano, maybe you can offer the next tier of prospects like Noelvi Marte, Brennen Davis, Larnach. Help with mine?
  4. I would say no way, but definitely counter. Even two out of the three players is a bit much imo but maybe just Vlad and Bichette and ask for a prospect back, or Bichette and Wander and ask for a prospect back. Help with mine? https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/838129-dynasty-trade-dustin-may-bnimmo-for-gspringer-will-help-in-return/
  5. Veto in general is horrendous and can quickly kill a league. I think the trade is perfectly fine. Both Mondesi and Martin are risks so I think Turner is a nice acquisition. Can you chime in on mine?
  6. I like Springer for the next few years but this is a Dynasty question of the balance between short and long game approach. What side do you like better? (league has OBP so Nimmo is valued higher). C: Sean Murphy 1B: Nate Lowe 2B: Dylan Moore 3B: Kris Bryant SS: Trevor Story ING:Gleyber Torres 1/3b: Cody Bellinger OF: Ronald Acuna Jr. OF: Randy Arozarena OF: Brandon Nimmo OF: Dylan Carlson UTL:Giancarlo Stanton UTL: Francisco Lindor Bench: Jose Altuve SP: Patrick Corbin SP: Hyun-Jin Ryu SP: Brandon Woodruff
  7. My keeper league allows me to claim international guys. I already claimed Kim Ha-Seong, the Korean 5 tool shortstop. I’m thinking about claiming Sugano, the Japanese Cy Young Award Winner and dropping either top prospect Ronny Mauricio or Brandon Walsh. Thoughts? How would you rank Kim and Sugano? Worth more than Mauricio or Walsh? How about the Cespedes brother? Where would Cespedes rank amongst the other two? Who would you rather have in a keeper league?
  8. Where did you find out this information? this is gold
  9. Is that his pregame speech or post game? lol Disgusting. I'm sure some of those guys are like "this is our qb"?
  10. That's an awful gif. What the hec is he doing? Eating crab legs? lol. Can you imagine how filthy his fingers are? Gross. And now everyone has to touch the ball after he handles it?
  11. Hmmm , this is very interesting. So you’re saying Kareem Hunt May be injured?
  12. I don’t really like this move. It’s a lateral move at best. I understand having the appeal to have a D that already had it’s bye week, but Colts d is better than Pitts imo. Just drop Lindsay if you need to free up the roster space.
  13. Seattle’s d is the worst by far so I would go Cousins.
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