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  1. 12 team dynasty. Did I give up too much for Conforto?
  2. I feel like it’s safe to drop him now.
  3. I would do this in a heartbeat. You have an excess of similar type hitters and a lot of question marks in your rotation. I think this is a win for you.
  4. I would counter and just not include Bauer and/or the 3rd round pick.
  5. I would drop Wittgran and add a bench bat like Cron or Nate Lowe if available.
  6. I would drop Pagan. The jury is still out if Romano or Merryweather is the closer since Romano got the fireman duties. I think it is a bit clearer in SD.
  7. Who would you rather have as a fantasy prospect? George Valera or O’Neil Cruz? Or take an early flier on Michael Harris?
  8. Just seems like Toronto has settled in on their closer. While the first save was debatable, today’s save was pretty clear. Merryweather is filthy. 100mph fastball with a 86mph change-up.
  9. Romano in the 8th; might be droppable now.
  10. G.Soto owners were already not pleased with his 18.00 era! I’m honestly going to drop him for someone like Tejay Antone.
  11. Jazz Chisholm Looked like prime Jose Reyes out there today.
  12. I don't think Neris or Reyes keeps the job the entire year, so I would go easy on the FAAB. Try to gage the other owners' FAAB bids and don't go too crazy.
  13. Before you guys get too hyped, he still had a Golden Sombrero in the game! A 50%K rate isn't going to cut it (he had a 37% K rate last year and 30% K rate in 2019). And if we're being honest, the bases-clearing double was more of a bloop hit (and probably should have been caught if the left fielder had been positioned better). Just saying. I think there are probably better closers to prioritize off of waivers rather than adding Lowe at this point. He had an oppo bloop hit and 3 ks. Don't blow your FAAB or your waiver priority just yet.
  14. Why do you say Romano on edge? Are you implying that Merryweather is the Jays closer? Dolis in the 8th, and Romano came in the 9th, albeit tied. I know Merryweather ultimately got the save in the 10th, but wouldn't that just be a situational anomaly?
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