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  1. Fair point. Walsh and Lux have exact same status in a long term dynasty league. I’d be able to keep either for five years
  2. I’ve got Walsh. I know Walsh is the man right now and Lux is struggling. Lux is younger with great pedigree and plays a position that is really low in talent. I have two other good 1B. Am I just talking myself into it?
  3. Dynasty league where all the players in the deal are minors. Basically when they hit certain ABs or IPs I can sign them for five years at low cost. I have Walsh...but also have Olson, Lowe, and D. Smith who qualify at 1B so I’m deep there. Been offered Sean Murphy and Jackson Rutledge. on surface good deal or bad deal?
  4. I personally like Marte...but Mondesi is probably the better pick due to scarcity of SB.
  5. Thanks...I agree with this perspective
  6. No round limits or keep limit
  7. 16 team league and I can keep 12. My slam dunks are 1)Soto 2) Seagar, C 3) Devers 4] Machado 5) Robert 6) Giolito 7) Gallen (counting on healing quickly) 😎 Glasnow 9) B. Lowe 3 to go. Choose from: 1] Mancini (1B rarity) 2] Stanton 3] Alcantara 4] Taillon 5] Mahle 6] Urguidy and 7] Castellanos (stretch here but I think he just had a bad run last year) Thanks
  8. Seagar shouldn’t even be in question. He’s your fourth keeper. I like Kershaw but if you think this dynasty has long term legs then forget that. You can easily draft him later. The next choices are from Lux, Urias, and Smith. Lux is out cuz he hasn’t shown enough. Tough call between Urias and Smith. I’d have to go Smith as he is a potentially unique catcher who can really hit. But stellar young pitching is also hard to give away. You aren’t wrong with either choice.
  9. Harper is clearly the best player in the deal. Torres I think is undervalued right now due to last season. He’s better than that. Rodriquez is a wonderful spec on a bad team...Lynch is a nice spec on a slightly less bad team. if you’re loaded at OF and not in serious contention...it’s not a bad deal. If you are patient it might even be a good deal. If it is a deep league (say 20 teams) where quantity of quality players is more important than a few quality players it’s okay as well. But straight up, I like Harper in this scenario just a bit more.
  10. I think it’s more Castillo over Sixto and Tork over Meadows....and the other two can be replaced.
  11. I’m not sure about him either. He was a very solid pitcher his last two years of “health”. I wouldn’t call his strikeout rate low though...he’s an above average K Starter at 8.5/9. That isn’t Cole territory by any means but better than most. He puts out good ks, good WHIP, solid ERA. If he can handle Yankee stadium he should rack up wins. He’s a worthy gamble.
  12. I’m not sure what role he will have on the Yanks...but this guy needs to play. He has an outstanding hit tool and needs reps. I’d love to see him get traded and serve as DH and emergency 1B/3B.
  13. It all depends on what you mean by cheaper. Edman probably has a better floor than Riley but no where near the ceiling. Riley has titanic power and an improving hit tool. He may hurt you in K leagues, and Edman is probably going to be more consistent next year. Personally I love Riley’s upside and if the difference asked isn’t ridiculous then that’s who I’d target. Tough to advise though since we don’t know who you’d have to give.
  14. I’m not buying this. Moncada was one of the most hyped prospects ever. Buxton was number one for at least two years. I agree on Lewis, but he really took a step back last year and is working his way back to significance. And I understand he is not keeping Voit AND Torres...but he is not keeping them both due to his other talent. Why give him to another team and bolster their team? If he throws Voit back in the draft, another team has to spend a valuable pick for him or he can redraft him if he’s still there. I love Franco, but he’s no definite and he may be 2-3 years away from
  15. This would mean no SP. I’d trade Martinez for whatever I could get. Winker has upside but not worthy of keeping in this scenario. Same with Lowe. I agree with the rest and would fill out my other five spots with SP. if you have one more SP you love then Olson would be my next cut
  16. I’ll take the other side of this argument. I’m a proud owner of Franco in a couple of leagues but stocking this guy up with two dynamic Yankee talents for a player who has done nothing in the majors yet seems excessive. Let me list a few names and tell me what they have in common: Royce Lewis, Yoan Moncada, Byron Buxton. These are all past sure fire number one rated minor league talents. Moncada has had one good year and the others are still struggling to make an impact. I know Torres didn’t look good last year. But his past two were huge. Voit hit 22 HR in 56 games! His career OPS
  17. I’m interested. Please email me at smcleod064@gmail.com. Thanks
  18. Is this a yearly redraft league or do you have keepers and minors? I’m assuming it’s a redraft but wanted to check
  19. Jimenez, Anderson, Tucker, Plesac, Seager, then chose your favorite between Paddack, Smith, or Mize
  20. I think I saw the Cease Madrigal offer in another post. I would do that one. You need pitching and Madrigal is not a bad sub in for Lux in this deal. 30 team leagues are about quantity of solid players.
  21. In a 30 team league I would take quantity over quality...assuming not too big a gap. I’d keep Madrigal and Cease in the deal.
  22. Soroka May Paddack Bundy Montas Keller i could flip Bundy and Montas with no real argument
  23. It sounds like Arozarena’s charges have been dropped and unless Baseball takes action he should be good to go. Due to youth and the late round value I’d say keep him. However, you have a loaded OF and despite everything, Darvish has been amazing the last two years Can’t have too many great starters but can have too many great OF on a squad. if you are in win now mode, it’s a good trade...though I’d like to see a younger cheaper SP.
  24. Reyes and choose btw. Paddack and Chapman. Chapman is a safer pick and you have a good core of SP Depending on when you have to pick, if it’s later then watch Paddack and his development of a 3rd pitch. He needs that to be worth it.
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