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  1. This board has been invaluable in my first year of Fantasy Baseball - picked up a last place H2H Points Keeper team and now have it at 3-4 after a 0-4 start (due to some bad drafting and not fully understanding the streaming of 2-Start Pitchers). Can I get some thoughts on what I should look at next, if anything with this team? Sell Highs? I feel like its in a pretty good place right now. Hitters: Narvaez, C. Santana, Hiura, Carpenter, N. Lopez, Chavis, Riley, McCutchen, A. Gordon, Castellanos, Puig, Senzel, Y. Diaz Pitchers: Barnes, Pressly, Kaleb, ERod, Snell, L. Jackson, Yu,
  2. Trade partner also has Kluber on the IL, so I considered trying to buy low on him
  3. Considering an offer of sending my Machado & ERod for Seager & Flaherty. Trade analyzers seem to indicate I’m taking a loss, but considering this is keeper, I’m thinking this could be a good move. Thoughts?
  4. Yeah - I watched both their games and Perez’s stuff just seemed sharper to me.
  5. Both are on waivers in my league - Perez as no one saw him coming, and Kikuchi was dropped to waivers by another team a few weeks ago. Looking to pick one of them up - any thoughts? This is for a 10 team ESPN Keeper league.
  6. On my team with Carpenter - both are really driving me crazy at the moment.
  7. He dropped to Waivers in my league a few weeks ago - picked him up for $1
  8. Based on his last outing, I'm feeling much better about him staying up as well.
  9. I’m debating making an offer for Flaherty in my league for Machado - keeper league and my Machado is at $40 while Flaherty is at $2.
  10. Same, I stashed both and I dropped an outfielder to do it - that said, I’m in a keeper league with a team I inherited that needs some major rebuilding.
  11. Yeah, my understanding is that the hitters don’t mind it all that much as it has a less of a chance of getting away from the pitcher and coming at their heads.
  12. I'd be interested in stepping in here if the spot is still open.
  13. 10 Team ESPN Keeper League I picked up a terrible team this year and am rebuilding - traded Altuve ($46 draft) and Morton ($24 Draft) for a $2 Keeper Blake Snell.
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