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  1. Bauer or Springer. I'm not at all unhappy about signing Hendriks. He has been great these past two seasons. I just hope he keeps it up. Cautiously optimistic that he does. It's more of fundamental distrust of throwing big dollars as elite closers. The flameout rate is astronomical; and when it happens, the descent is quick.
  2. Well there’s one good bullpen arm for ya. Enter Liam Hendricks. Personally, as a Sox fan, don’t love it. The shelf life on elite closers sustaining that level of “eliteness”, on average...yeah, it ain’t good. Not that Hendricks doesn’t make them a better team in 2021. It might. I mean, one would think it would or at least should But might not though. For all we know, from the moment Hendricks first takes the bump for the ChiSox, he’s just as likely to be Blake Treinen 2019 or, worse yet, Billy Koch redux for the south sliders, as he is Liam Hendricks for the past coll
  3. I have no ill will towards him whatsoever. James Robinson served with honors. [...] So yeah, me and James Robinson, we good.
  4. Picked up Johnson 20 mins before kick off and started him in spite of full-well knowing Allen and Williams were suiting up. Having Kenny Golladay, Deebo Samuel, Odell Beckham, Tyler Boyd, Devante Parker, and Tee Higgins as a receiving corps will do that to ya.
  5. Goodbye Dane Dunning...hello Lance Lynn Welcome to the southside, Lance.
  6. BOOM. Spoke too soon. 51 seconds subsequent to my last post, I see this...
  7. T-minus 19 minutes remaining for the Dolphins to activate Gaskin if he is to be eligible to suit up this weekend. Me thinks that if it hasn't been done by now, it probably means these last 19 minutes will come and pass without any such word on the matter; which would render Myles Gaskin officially out once again this week.
  8. As far as speculation on that goes, if Gaskin does in fact get activated (and we’ll have the answer to that in no more than 2-3 hours from now), I believe a lot of that will depend on the accompanying comments Flores makes in declaration of Gaskin’s active status for Sunday. Flores is one of the more relatively candid head coaches you’ll find around the NFL. His track record to date indicates that he’ll have something to say about it, and even better yet, you can put stock into knowing that whatever he says, it’s likely to be credible — validated, if you will; as he usually follows through wit
  9. Don’t overthink this one. This should be an easy call this week and the answer is Herbert On paper Herbert and Rodgers have been highly comparable in that both have been very good, roughly to the same extent. Same thing rings true for their teams’ overall respective offenses in terms of scoring prowess, as both the Chargers and the Packers are roughly equally capable in terms of rheir abilities to fill up the scoreboard. So with those things being a wash for all reasonable intents and purposes, all that leaves in terms of discerning between Herbert & Rodgers this week are the factors
  10. For those concerned about Jefferson being subjected to subpar usage this week due to the Lions poor run defense and the potential negative game script as a result, also for your considerations should be the Vikings very leaky defense and the Lions capable enough offense, lead by (at least presumably, cause COVID) the generally plus passing abilities of one Matthew Stafford; passing abilities good enough to thrive without the services of Kenny Golladay, as evidenced as recently as last week when went for 336 thru the air against an appreciably stingier Colts defense, more or less without the se
  11. Considering that Richie James, according to the current ownership/starting percentages attributed to him in CBS, ESPN and Yahoo! leagues (which includes leagues as deep as 20 teams / 30 man rosters), was started in exactly 0.00% of leagues this week, presumably due to the likewise 0.00% ownership he currently carries across all three formats in accompanying that 0.00% started figure of his --- when I run the numbers, by my calculations, it would appear that your congratulations, while certainly highly commendable and very thoughtful of you, could be attributable to exactly.... wait for it
  12. Been eyeing him all season. Saw this one coming from a mile away. As I had been saying for months to anyone who’d listen....All that sits between Richie James and 9 grabs on 13 targets for 184 and a tuddy, is a season ending injury to Kittle, a simultaneous lengthy IR stint to #1 WR Deebo Samuel, low volume passing Jimmy Garappolo and RB’s Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson, a late breaking COVID outbreak to WR Kendrick Bourne - causing the close contact mandatory shutdown of Brandon Aiyuk, and the outright releasing of WR Dante Petis. Nailed it. Only thing I didn’t see coming was t
  13. Agree to agree in that Kenny Williams was likely the driving force, as he's a pompous douchebag control freak with an enormously overinflated ego who thinks he's the smartest guy in the room, even though him being the smartest -- smartest, well, anything really -- that couldn't be further from the truth, who has lifetime carte blanche from ChiSox owner Jerry Reinsdorf to do whatever the hell he damn-well pleases with the ballclub; and Rick Hahn was more of Kenny's puppet and mostly General Manager in name only at that early juncture of his tenure. Still though, by my estimation, both Williams
  14. Rick Hahn went to my high school. Granted, our time there didn't overlap, as he's 9 years my senior (his class of '89, to my class of '98), but word on the street was that he didn't drink in high school - and it's common knowledge you can't trust someone who doesn't drink - and to boot, he graduated still a virgin. Plus he held the title as White Sox general manager at the time of the singularly worst, most egregious, ridiculous Icelandic abortion of a trade (both at the time and certainly as well as today in hindsight) in modern sports history, when, as a team light on talent and never e
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