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  1. Mike Trout playing hurt is still really good. when you say you want to bench Mike Trout that looks like a comical post.
  2. these rookies pitcher mostly pitch a few good games and then crap.
  3. yeah sit him. he is obviously getting out his prime. probably trade while you can get big value.
  4. Didi. better team (even though Phillies are good) and has a solid track record.
  5. his ERA is still 2.50 or so. that is a good era.
  6. "all-star" sandy alcantara. Means has been good. still got a 2.50 ERA or so.
  7. how many rookie pitchers this season have been good. Soroka and Paddack? adding ever minor league pitcher who starts for an MLB is ridiculous.
  8. if they are not a top 20 pitcher or going through a hot streak might as well stream.
  9. batting after Acuna and before Freeman is surely helping out.
  10. you could have done worse and drafted Jose Ramirez. his final stats for this season wont be as bad as it looks. on pace to match career high in runs and most walks.
  11. all-star game is a joke. could have been worse actually. Bogaerts and Kepler were subs. Kershaw wasn't deserving. does anyone actually watch this game.
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