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  1. Hi, I'm interested. Email is ross.richardson222@gmail.com. I'd like my team name to be Toronto St. Pats.
  2. Hi Jimmy John. Do you have details about how your draft works? How many total players on the roster? Is there a cost to enter?
  3. Hi fsociety. I'd be potentially interested. How does your draft work? I'm assuming that I can choose who I keep from the roster?
  4. I’m an addicted poolie and have been working on my own tools to give me an edge in the pools I take part in. There is a lot of good data out there, but I have found that I need to work with the data and do plenty of research to get the insights I'm looking for. I want to build a tool for hockey poolies who want better insight into the available stats to help make better decisions. Click here to offer your feedback: puckedge.com
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