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  1. If you can get the more affordable Judge, I'd take in a heartbeat. The Blackmon one I think it comes down to if you believe it'll push you over the top this year.
  2. I think the fact that he wasn't in the lineup tonight for Columbus amid all of the speculation probably means that he's going to be with the team tomorrow or Monday at the latest. He's probably not going to be able to hit any higher than .230 or thereabout since he's striking out almost a third of the time against minor league pitching, but if he's the pre 2019 Joey Gallo with a little more in average and a little less in power, he could definitely be intriguing. I'd speculate 100% in anything deeper than 10 teams, if for no other reason than that there aren't a ton of slam-dunk m
  3. Judge is more valuable, but its not by much. Ryu has been a true talent low 2 ERA guy for two years now and the injury concerns are overblown, especially given that Judge has missed significant time each of the past two seasons including right now. I'd be willing to do Ryu+ but wouldn't be willing to trade anyone of significant value with Ryu personally.
  4. Joey Votto will always be one of my favorite players and personalities... but it's time for him to go to the farm up north in Canada with all the other Joey Votto's playing together
  5. Verlander and Mondesi are roughly equivalent ROS in a vacuum IMO. Depending on how you look in homeruns (Moose), saves(Chapman), and injury optimism (Altuve) makes the decision for you about the second piece. Only scenario where I wouldn;t pull the trigger here is if you're somehow struggling in steals, but I imagine with mondesi's first 35% of the season's steals you should be fine
  6. Altuve is hurt and while he’s been incredible for years, we don’t know exactly when he’s returning and we don’t have any reason to think he’s going to get back to stealing either. I’d fade the injury and prefer acuna but it’s fair as an offer either way based on team composition
  7. Feels pretty damn even to me...I think it may come down to how many teams there are and if you believe Jose Ramirez can get back to being a top 25-ish caliber hitter
  8. For me, it's either heaney or lucchesi, depending on which is your preferred. I value them similarly but think both are replacement-level
  9. Don't risk on Waino. Limited upside and risk of blowing up, KC has pretty legitimately decent hitters through the top 6 or so. If ratios are what you need I'd consider adding a holds guy or if available Chirinos is likely to be a bulk guy and have a good shot at a win soon
  10. I do think it's both reasonable and fair. That said, Tatis looked very strong before getting hurt so he may not be much off of the value Albies has. I'd hold your guys or try to counter - Mazara has been disappointing for the past couple seasons as he's shown zero growth. With Calhoun producing, Choo producing, Gallo often in the OF, and the 35 year old-corpse of Pence producing, Mazara may start rotating in and out of the lineup more and I personally don't even think it's a stretch that he could be sent down.
  11. I wouldn't take it. Eaton has been ALL singles this year and may get dropped in Washington's lineup since Trea is back and Robles has been decent in the bottom third. Darvish is still walking way too many guys to even have a shot at a non-damaging WHIP and I can't imagine feeling confident his ERA finishes better than in the low 4s. 14 teamers are deep but you'll be able to stream 90% of what Darvish is likely to give you in the second half once bad teams sell off pieces in real baseball and some of your league-mates out of the running for the top stop being as interes
  12. Both of the players on side B are better now, and decent chance both of them are going to be more valuable for the next 3-5 years too as long as you think mondesi keeps running into his mid-20's
  13. Clevinger is throwing again, I think I'd hold him and see if something smaller for a waiver guy with some steals upside is possible. There's always guys popping up there with a couple swipes, and even if you're low in them for a while, wait until mid-season when clevy is back and trade him after a start of two for a better package once he's re-established bordeline-ace value
  14. Add in uncertainty about his recovery timetable, the team context (he may not have an everyday spot on the Yankees next season guaranteed since he's abysmal on defense and DH is accounted for for the forseeable future - plus this is the Yankees who may well sign a better corner IF this offseason), and I don't think he's even likely to be top 150 next year. That roster spot has a ton of value this year, I'd cut him and move on
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