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  1. Buxton. Hits low in the order, streaky, injury prone.
  2. I'd drop Solano, who knows when the Giants will be able to play again and it's risky to start playoffs that way.
  3. H2H-points league IP = 0.9 W = 3 K = 0.5 ER = -0.5 H, BB, HBP, HR = -0.1 Would you rather have Pablo Lopez vs PHI and vs WSH or Joe Musgrove @ CIN and vs STL for two starts next week? Thanks.
  4. Not insulting, just unlikely to be accepted. 2-for-1s rarely favour the 2 side
  5. I'd rather have Albies, even if the money was the same.
  6. I'd take it. Good for this year and you'll get a good player with that pick if you do want to replace Arenado as a keeper after next season.
  7. Stanton can be tantalizing but there's more than enough here to justify getting rid of that headache. I'd take the deal.
  8. I'll go Grichuk since he's hitting much higher in the order.
  9. H2H-POINTS league (redraft) H, BB, HBP, 2B = 0.5 SB, 3B = 1 R, RBI, HR = 1.5 K = -0.2 Would you rather have Santana or Gallo rest of season? I could use an outfielder and am deep at first base (but both guys would always be able to get in my lineup anyway). Santana is averaging 2.42 points this year, 3.12 last year. Gallo averaging 2.20 this year, 3.34 last year. Thanks.
  10. Probably the side with 2 players in both of these. And that's saying a lot because 2-for-1s generally favour the 1 side in my opinion.
  11. Both are good for you. I prefer Offer 1, especially if you can grab Didi.
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