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  1. Baez fell pretty deep in my draft I think I scooped him up after the 17th round because the last position I needed was a middle infielder. Hes been striking out at a crazy rate over the last few years, does anyone believe he can recapture those 2-3 years he was actually relevant ? Love the dudes defense but that doesn't put up points (H2H ESPN points league)
  2. I'd like to target solid multi inning RPs in my draft; guys like Matt Foster/Aaron Bummer on the white sox, seth lugo on the mets they normally pitch more than 1 inning out of the pen maybe get you a hold here and there - can you guys name some players like this and which few sit atop this type of RP and are usually shut down pitchers
  3. gotta go Gage too many mouths to feed on TB could also see fournette showing the league he can still crush
  4. Need to pick 2 here, I get the playing your best players but the other team I’m playing is pretty stacked. My thoughts are that the rams probably won’t throw much and Amari is going against Sherman who has been lock down in his last 3 games. Tre’quan is definitely a dart but could have a huge ceiling without Thomas and Harris but those 3 chief CBs are scary. Overthinking and should just play both coopers ? Thoughts ?
  5. Deonte Harris was placed on IR along with Thomas, big upside here in a game that should be a shootout ?
  6. anyone else believe wilson can get the majority of the workload with mostert banged up ? other team is stacked that im playing against so feel like i gotta take a chance on the higher ceiling, traded for DJ and have only gotten 1 game out of him back when he played the colts last time
  7. Had someone drop out last minute due to family emergency looking to fill for our draft TONIGHT at 7PM EST $100 buy in - Draft Order was PRESET you'll have 10TH PICK(LAST) This draft order was randomized last week 10 man H2H points ESPN Pay out structure : 1st place - $400 2nd place - $100 Highest score each week - $25 Best Record - $25 Buy in must be in after the draft is completed will message you my venmo and youll see payments that others have sent me already that are in the league, the core group of us have been playing together for 10 years now no collus
  8. Full ppr Jonathan Taylor / James White / David Johnson Should i start Gore over one of them ?
  9. Full ppr Perine / Marvin Jones / Rex Burkhead
  10. Boyd, Robby, cooks. Any team that wants to attack the steelers is gonna have to do it through the air
  11. Gio if mixon is out, tough defense but he'll be there 3 down back and opportunity is king. if mixon suits up JuJu
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