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  1. Yarbrough looks to be settling into a starter role. Not seeing any tonight or tomorrow as of now, but could be a few Saturday with Angels, Yankees & Mariners.
  2. Yeah, I don’t utilize the strategy in my roto league.
  3. There seems to be little risk in using these guys. I’ve only gotten negative points in 3 outings over 20+ usages. Low risk, high reward in my opinion if you’re in a Starts limit league. I’d roll Milone out for sure if he were available in my league.
  4. He’s slated as the starter but has worked as a primary a couple within the past month. He started his last outing. Not hearing is going to work as primary, just keeping an eye out for a late change.
  5. Cam Bedrosian confirmed as Opener for LAA, Pena to work as bulk.
  6. A few guys have been used rotationally so you could predict when they’ll go within a day or so. Beeks, Pena, Leblanc have been the most consistent of late.
  7. Bulk potential for Tue 6/11: Beeks, Pena & Peralta.
  8. Pena to work behind an opener again on Tue vs Dodgers.
  9. Thoughts on who the Yankees bring in after Green on Sunday, thinking maybe Cortes?
  10. He had been pretty solid leading up to this outing, would think he’d get another shot this next time through.
  11. Mengden: Melvin stated he could be deployed behind an Opener, may not know until lineups are official.
  12. Beeks should go Thursday as he is ahead of Chirinos & Yarbrough, Stanek listed as Opener tomorrow.
  13. Yeah, looks like Smyly will start after all. None on the slate tonight it appears. Agreed on Mengden tomorrow, could be Mengden vs Pena in a bulk reliever duel.
  14. Smyly has potential to work in bulk relief tomorrow even though he’s currently listed as the starter.
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