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  1. I could be wrong, but, im pretty sure soccer is gaining in popularity in the USA, so not really sure what youre talking about. Even in Canada, soccer has the most registered players throughout the country (more than hockey). Beyond that, there is a reason why MLS is able to keep putting out new teams. The sport is growing and they are obviously making money. Hell, look at Atlanta (the last place i would expect to love soccer) they are constantly selling out the Mercedes Benz Stadium (over 42k)... Youre hatred for a sport isnt reflection of Americas view of it.
  2. Right? bite the bullet today to prosper for the next 20+ years. Don't bite the bullet? Well, the next 20 years aint gonna be much fun financially for the owners. Im already loosing interest.. and this is coming from a life long die hard baseball fan. What a turn off this has been..
  3. According to Mr.Passan: "The MLBPA is making a proposal to MLB for a season of around 89 games with a full prorated share of salary and expanded playoffs, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN. It would bring the sides closer to a potential deal and is ~25 games under the last union offer. The proposal is for 89 games, not around 89, and is 25 fewer than the union’s last proposal of 114 games at full pro rata, sources tell ESPN."
  4. 30 yrs old here. All my friends (roughly same age) claim baseball is boring and they will not attend games, do not follow it but will occasionally play it because you know.. hitting dingers is fun. But i agree with you.. many find this sport we all love an old mans game and boring to say the least. Definitely find NFL as one of the most boring sports on planet Earth. Just goes to show you it is all about preference.
  5. 48? lol. Also, now, with the talk of a possibility that some teams will be able to house fans at home games, it isnt going to help the owners case in these negotiations. I can not speak for everybody, but, i am slowly beginning to just not care if there is baseball this season.
  6. Understood. That is my point when suggesting they are negotiating like children and not men. I am by no means a business man, and certainly not somebody with pockets deep enough to own a sports franchise, yet, even i understand the ramifications a lost season (and even a 50 game season) would have on their finances moving forward and the loss of interest that will accumulate within the fan base. This really isnt rocket science. Short term loss. Long term gain. Come on.. *shrug*
  7. MLS has given the green light for full team training. The unfortunate reality is we will all be living with this virus out there for the foreseeable future. We gotta deal with it.
  8. I get that. I know it is still out there, but, the reality is, even with it out there, soccer leagues in Italy, England, Spain, Portugal, Germany (among many others like Belarus who never even stopped playing) have either already begun playing again, or have official start up dates. The NHL has announced an official plan to return. The NBA has announced an official date to restart. MLS literally announced today that they have approved team training. The virus isnt going away.. i get that.. but if all these other countries/leagues/teams/players are capable of moving on with the virus still out
  9. NBA has approved plan and is officially returning. NHL has offically approved its playoff plan and return to play. MLB has lost its chance to do something big. They could have already been in Spring Training 2.0 if they had of just negotiated like men, and not children.
  10. To some, loosing your business is loosing your life. Especially when those businesses are decades in the making (and yes, i recognize the difference between the stoppage of a heart and the stoppage of money flow)
  11. Yup, Agreed. I was a little kid when 94 happened. I dont remember anything about it. I grew up in a Euro/soccer household but grew a love for baseball. I am now beginning to understand what those fans in 94 felt. I am already slowing turning my back on the MLB, but because a lack of love, but, a disgust towards both the union and the owners. I fail to understand how it is the NHL, NBA, MLS, Euro soccer, among other things are capable of getting plans together to resume their years.. but baseball is bickering over $.. At the end of the day, they are very short sighted in the situation
  12. Well, the players have officially signed off on the realignment proposed earlier in this stand off. 3 divisions consisting of 10 teams per. Teams will all use home ball parks. Teams will only play teams within their divisions. It would make sense for either a 72 game season (each team plays each other 8 times) or an 81 game season (each team plays each other 9 times)
  13. Lets see where this counter offer goes... If the union is set on having the season begin June 30th, this will be a make or break week for the 2020 MLB season. I personally believe (not that it matters) that a deal gets done in the next week or so, i think the players/owners are human.. and they are hearing all the stories either through ESPN/other media source/family/friends about the long term affect a lost season would have on them. No one in this situation can think short term, and because of that, i do believe both sides will man up, negotiate, and get it done for the betterment of thei
  14. Agreed, even more so if the NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA, European soccer leagues, MLS, Nascar, UFC, PGA, etc etc are all happening during the pandemic. Baseball will not recover from that.
  15. Obviously, i can not speak for everybody. But, i am certainly extremely optimistic we will have a baseball season. Truthfully, i think both the union and the league realize baseball can not survive another lost season when the other major leagues are doing their parts and trying to get back to it. Curious how long these negotiations last. Various sources are suggesting it will be a rather quick one, which, i think needs to happen if the MLB plans on getting started first week of July when taking into consideration the spring training 2.0 process.
  16. Agreed on Cespedes. I had my eye on him even before the universal DH, more so now. I dont see him playing the OF more than a handful of games TBH and i am going to assume he is still capable of producing offensively, although, i shouldnt be making assumptions. It feels like 10 years since he has been in the pros, who knows how much bat speed he has lost.
  17. This will be the death of the MLB if the season does not take place. This sport can not suffer another lost season when everything else appears to be working hard to get back to their respective sport.
  18. I am speaking prior to reading the article, and i dont plan to read it either (i am over this Corona stuff lol, like everyone else).. but, i just gotta imagine people in countries like Brasil, or states like Florida arent lacking Vitamin D unless they are sitting inside 24 hours a day. Just does not make sense, unless ofcourse we as individuals are different to the point each person requires a different amount of vitamin D to be deemed 'healthy'
  19. I hope so, but at this point i have heard this story a few times. This being the most convincing, though. Wait and see approach for me, but, hoping for the best. Thanks for sharing. I was unaware of this.
  20. You're 100% right. Owners arent taking the risk. Players are.. but, just watching the Snell video, and his tone and attitude was kind of disturbing. He isnt wrong. He along with all the players are facing severe pay cuts, and taking in significant risk, although at the same time, these guys are going to be surrounded by the best doctors health care has to offer (unlike you or me would be) while still getting paid potentially millions of dollars (as is the case in Snells case, even with the pay decrease) and yet he views it as **** when somebody like you or me arent collecting a single dime.
  21. Agreed. I think it was always the belief, but, for someone to come out so bluntly and talk about not getting paid ****.. its a little jaw dropping given the situation in the world.
  22. I believe it is fine for players to feel the way Snell feels, however, i disagree with the way it was handled on his part. Given the situation many people not only in America, but the whole world find themselves in financially, to hear him making remarks such as ' i aint getting paid ****' along with many other greedy comments is not going to go over well for his fan base, or the baseball fanbase. To be honest, i have nothing against Snell, but, these comments really hit hard in some ways and in a very negative way. I think Snell will be the exception in the situation.
  23. Honest question - do you believe the numbers? or is there potential motivation within the Trump adminstration to ensure these numbers are inaccurately reported to ensure the economy gets up and running ASAP to help his campaign for re-election? I am not on either side. Just curious of others thoughts about the reported numbers. In fairness, with the exception of a few major 'big name' countries.. the numbers as a whole do seem to be trending downward.
  24. It isnt what we are used to.. but... baseball is baseball... and i, like many others... would love to have the game back ASAP. Bring it on.
  25. lol, same here in Toronto. Waking up to snow on May 9th is a beautiful thing... can 2020 just end already?
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