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  1. 2 minutes ago, Fbaseballgod said:

    So theoretically.  Let’s say the reports are true and this is lasting until august at the earliest and 1.5 years (vaccine) at the latest.  Any chance baseball plays DURING the pandemic? Without crowds? Maybe not, as they’re already talking about eliminating the draft....

    That is an interesting question. I mean, it is technically possible, but all players/staff would have to buy into knowing no body but your team and not being away from your team during the course of the season. Doctors will have to be on hand at all times to continously monitor the players/staff, but, it is possible, just not likely to be played during the pandemic i dont believe..

  2. 1 hour ago, Picard56 said:


    There is hope that this drug and others might be able to treat the symptoms. That could maybe change the timeline with ending this problem that is disrupting our lives and eventually give us baseball again. Fingers crossed.

    At the end of the day, there are many powerful people loosing millions of dollars with the loss of sport through out the globe. This goes beyond N.America. We're talking European soccer club owners who are more 'powerful' globally than many of these American businessmen. They all want to resolve this ASAP so their pockets can be flooded with paper bills again. I believe we are going to see baseball among other sports much sooner than anticipated.

    Good on Trump. Honestly, for all the hate he receives (deservedly so) there are moments he uses his head.

  3. 2 hours ago, bluefrogguy said:

    In regards to the testing, I think the testing availability logjam is about to get better. LabCorp just yesterday got their Phoenix lab and ready to do 6000 tests a day, and I suspect that means that other commercial labs have had the time to go through the setup and validations necessary to dramatically increase their tests/day numbers.  Also the FDA has relaxed several regulations making it easier for smaller hospitals to bring on testing using existing platforms used for other tests.  This will in most cases still take a few weeks to go through validation and get supplies for local labs to get the testing up though. But when that happens the TAT will become same day and not 2-4 days like it is currently. I'm most worried about the swab shortage at this point. 

    I wonder at what point given this is surely the 1st of many labs that will be capable of performing so many tests at once if we are now heading towards the flat curve we are all hoping to hit sooner rather than later.. it is only at this point can we contemplate a return to normalcy.

  4. 54 minutes ago, Johnnyapplebot said:

    Doesnt seem likely the best case scenario the NBA had to continue the season will happen. Lakers have been tested and if AD and LeBron unfortunately test positive, that would deal a bigger blow than what most people realize considering LBJis still the face of the NBA with a great chance of winning a chip. If a lot of high profile players test positive, idk. 

    And if they dont? Do we all just carry on?

    Silver has floated the idea about an exhibition game for charity.. ofcourse, certain protocols would need to be followed, but, he has mentioned that the cure for this virus may be more deadly than the virus itself.. in other words.. this quarantine with no distractions to turn to could ultimately do more damage than good.. thus, he is considering a game to help the basketball world get back to some sense of normalcy.

    This in itself gives me optimism that Silver, along with the owners and other major sports will do everything they damn well can to get sports back ASAP.

  5. Believe me, i understand the severity of the situation, however, it does appear to me that based on the trials and the fact the world is working together for once in an attempt to find a solution to either slow down the virus or eliminate it all together we are heading in a positive direction. Will many more cases/deaths happen before it 'gets better'... 100%.. but, it does appear this may be easier to contain than originally thought.

    This article posted regarding chloroquine seems extremely positive, and tbh, not sure why this hasnt been reported on more by news stations..

    In other words, i do believe we will see baseball in May.. June at the latest.. likely behind closed doors which is fine with me. I dont quite get the lack of optimism among a few of you who are under the impression we wont see ball till 2021.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Backdoor Slider said:

    Me: “All cultures can be ignorant and selfish. It’s human nature, not unique to one country.”

    Your take on me based on that:



    lol not gonna lie, that made me laugh.

    Honestly, its just the perceived vision people outside of America have of Americans themselves. It isnt a personal knock on you.. just how an 'outsider' can view some of your comments, thats all. I guess it is similiar how Non-Canadians view Canadians.. we all live in ice houses, wear knitted hats, drink maple syrup, play hockey and are super polite... that is honestly so far from the truth, and while people like that do exist, there are exceptions, much like there are exceptions to how not all Americans are one in the same.. so for that.. i apologize if my remark came off as very generalized.

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  7. 26 minutes ago, iowncrazyhair said:


    I wonder if this will be enforced, because it seems like a suggestion at the moment.

    I dont know if i am being selfish or if i truly believe leagues can return to play much sooner than that and play the games with no fans present...i guess the main concern here would be what to do with the players before/after games. Is it possible/legal to keep them together 24/7 till the completion of the season? away from their families? maybe this is where the issues begin to get bigger because the athletes/coaches/trainers can and many have already been tested.. with negative results coming back.. so why the hold up?

  8. 21 minutes ago, Wytchclt55 said:

    Not trying to hate (I actually like him a lot) and who knows could just be my eyes, but does not look "leaner" in that clip.  Just my opinion

    As a Jays fan and having seen him in person for a week this spring, he is quite leaner than he was last year. This is a fact.

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  9. Strippers and greasy food aside.. While i dont believe we will ever see the Felix of old, i do believe a change of scenary can benefit him as he probably wore out his welcome and got a little too comfortable with his surroundings. I think a move to a contender like the Braves can brighten his spirits and bring out just a tad of the old Felix.. sneaky sleeper.. should rack up some W's with that team behind him.. and more so if Hamels is unable to go for any lengthy stretch.

  10. 35 minutes ago, brockpapersizer said:

    Luckily for the Yankees, that the Red Sox decided to tank just before Paxton and Severino went down, so this won't hurt as bad as it would have if there were actually 3 contenders in the division.

    I still like the Yankees for the division, i just feel they have the most talent and depth in the division.. but.. Tampa is a scary looking team.

  11. 2 hours ago, tucker26 said:

    If Correa (or anyone) thinks the commissioners report is the definitive source of facts to end this scandal they are gonna be sadly looked at like defensive minded fools. The humility coming from the Astro's camp is nearly non-existent. Bite the bullet ego-maniacs and just accept the criticism and and keep apologizing when the topic comes up. They aren't saving face, and they have the audacity to start playing the victims when they are accused of anything outside of the commissioner's report...What a bunch of clowns.

    So sick of the Astros alll of a sudden trying to turn this around and act like the victims in this.. you hit the nail on the head.

    Cant wait to see their heads taken off by 100mph fastballs.. rightfully so.

  12. On a side note, the players union is going to be having a meeting tomorrow according to Jeff Passan. He is curious how things will unfold. He questions if the union is going to represent the hundreds and hundreds of players who want the players to receive punishment, or the 40 Astros players who were a part of this scheme.

    Tough position for Tony Clark to be in... who do you side with? lol.

  13. We have now had a handful of big name players vent their frustrations, whether that be Bellinger, Clevinger, Guerrero Jr, Justin Turner, Darvish, Sale, Mike Trout... things will go down.

    While Manfred and Baker are making it appear they will do their best to protect the Astros from what is gonna be coming all year long (fastballs high and in), you have to ask yourself what sort of punishment these players will face? IT IS going to happen. Players are going to get drilled. While in most cases these players would get suspensions.. im not so sure here. They may get a warning and thats it.

    I am anticipating this happening a lot, and if MLB is going to punish those players throwing at the Astros severely, many of their stars will not be suiting up for a ton of games this year. MLB are not in a position to have their best players/stars on the side lines due to suspensions.

  14. I would agree, MLB will not let this get to a judge/jury. The unfortunate truth is, this probably goes beyond the Astros, and it just so happens the Stros and Sox were caught.. 

    As someone else mentioned, as much as i hope it isnt true.. i think the Yankees could be brought into this mess the longer it carries on. Beltran and his time with the Yankees, along with the numbers put up, it all just kind of makes sense.

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  15. Man, im hating the Astros even more right now.

    So, Beltran shows up to Houston and claims the system they were using to decode signs is behind the times. Ok, cool. No problem.

    Now, these players are putting quotes (without allowing their name to be attached to it) claiming they felt like they were hostages, and given Beltran/Coras clout in the big leagues, felt intimidated to approach either and let it be known they were against it. Brian Mccann, big name, experienced, and frankly.. a big boy.. was intimidated by Beltran and refused to rid the Stros of this system after being denied initially?

    This just looks to me the Astros players are now throwing Beltran under the pass, and are trying to play the victims.

    I hope they all end the year on the IL.

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  16. 1 hour ago, murraygd13 said:

    Just focusing on the AL Central.


    I think the Twins pitching is being underrated.  They finished 5th in the AL in ERA last year, the only real loss from that team is Gibson who didn't pitch much or well due to ulcerative colitis. Martin Perez signed with the Red Sox but that's nothing major.  They probably pitched a little over their heads last year, but even falling back a little puts them at worst 6th or 7th in the AL.  They didn't add a top tier pitcher but did add some solid bullpen depth in Clippard, Romo (only pitched a few innings for them last year), innings eater in Bailey, Rich Hill as a high end gamble.  They plan on using Graterol out of the bullpen, I'm thinking they use him as a bulk guy. Try to get him 125 innings or so.


    Their bullpen only has Rogers as a standout, but they do have a ton of guys that should be league average or better.  14 guys that Zips has projected with a ERA+ better than 100.  


    It may not be a conventional pitching staff, but similar to the Rays I think they'll be able to put together a pretty good pitching staff.

    Honestly, im with you. I believe this Twins staff is being over looked.

    Look, dont get me wrong, initially.. i was all over the White Sox, but, like many have pointed out.. when a team has this many changes, it may take time to fully take affect. That being said, baseball is the one sport where change may not really need time to adapt. Its essentially a 1 v 1 type sport.. and they will have a full month of training to adapt to one another. I still like the White Sox as a team, but, i do believe the Twins may be the team to beat. 

    I am looking at Cleveland, and see 3rd place written all over them.

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