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  1. On 1/31/2020 at 2:45 AM, hockeyfan77 said:

    Just a feeling, I think the Astros are going to struggle a bit this year, wild card team yes...

    Could not agree more. Whitt Merrifeld is now on record stating how the Astros stabbed fellow players in the back and cost them a lot of money $$...

    things are not going to go well for the Stros this year.

    I mean, this goes beyond the plunking that is gonna take place.

    Pretty sure many of us attend ball parks through out the year, maybe even BP, or at the least watch games on TV. You know what i notice in all 3 scenarios? players socializing with each other at 1B, behind the cages, after the game or for dinner. Guess what will not be happening this year? Any of those things..

    Combine the cold hearts they will be receiving from their colleagues around the MLB, with the hatred the fans will be dishing out via words and signage both inside and out of the ballparks across America.. the stresses the players will be placing on themselves to perform well (and they will hit slumps... everyone does)..

    This is not going to go well for the Astros.

    Love the fact they are favored.. crazy value on the Athletics to win the division.

  2. 2 hours ago, 2ndCitySox said:

    The AL West is interesting. Can the Astros overcome Buzzergate? Can Oakland's patchwork rotation work magic again? Can the Angels find some starting pitching? Can the Rangers pitching retread philosophy pay off again? Can the Mariners not finish dead last? 

    I think Houston still is the most talented club, but I think it will be a dogfight to win the division. However, like everyone else, I hope they don't.

    1. No, they wont over come it. TBH, i would be disapointed if Houston isnt beat up at seasons end.
    2. Oaklands rotation has a ridiculous amount of potential. However, with the potential.. there are a lot of question marks and things do need to go right for them.. 
    Fiers, Luzardo, Manaea, Montas, Puk, Mengden.. man, potential elite rotation.
    3. No, The Angels at this point wont find anything to satisfy their pitching woes. Maybe via trade? What do they need to give up?
    4. Mariners will finish last. lol.

  3. 22 hours ago, TribeFoo said:

    AL East: NYY (I've always had a soft spot for Tampa, but this Yankees team is more stacked than the previous few seasons. Another plague of injuries could open the door for TB, though)

    AL Central: CLE (This isn't a homer pick because I am largely down on the Tribe's offseason, but the rotation is still amazing and they're just a few signings away from shoring up a horrendous OF. I think CWS are still a year away and MIN, while they'll score runs, has a horrific rotation after Odorizzi)

    AL West: OAK (I'm bearish on the Astros. They'll still be good, of course, but I'm not sure they're a team mentally prepared for what's going to hit them this season, especially early on)

    NL East: ATL (Not many flaws with this team. I think they outlast WSH. NYM have to prove they're worthy of being in the conversation before I'm a believer)

    NL Central: STL (Toughest division. Perhaps this is a status quo pick because I don't envision the Reds putting it together enough to win the division and the Cubs feel like they're in a bit of disarray. Brewers starting pitching is rough and I have doubts they can replicate last year's success)

    NL West: LAD (ARI could make it interesting for a large part of the season, but they just don't have the same kind of fire power and depth)

    I like your picks. I also like and agree with your reasons for the most part on plenty of your predictions. However, i think you are forgetting some names in that Twins rotation.

    Jose Berrios is a stud. As mentioned, Odorizzi. Afterwards, i would see why you are worried. I personally like Michael Pineda, who i believe has never truly lived up to his potential dating back to the M's days. 

    What does Homer Bailey give them? probably nothing but innings. Who knows what happens with Rich Hill when he returns to the mound? Fernando Romero looked good in brief stints and still has time to develop into a quality arm and the same can be said for Smeltzer.

    Berrios, Odorizzi, Pineda, Bailey. Hill, Romero, Smeltzer.

    It may not be the 'best' rotation in the division, but, when combined with the BEST offence in that division, they should be able to hold their own and win plenty of games.

  4. 4 hours ago, SpartyOn4 said:

    Motivating and keeping morale high are Baker’s strengths. It’s why he keeps getting jobs despite being unaware that baseball strategy has evolved in the past 120 years.

    I see your point. I mean, he has actually had a lot of success as an MLB manager.. albeit he has not won a World Series. Division titles, WS appearance, manager of the year awards, etc.

  5. 1 hour ago, Overlord said:

    Bregman and Altuve honestly need to keep an eye out all year long for chin music.  I realistically expect multiple bench clearing brawls specifically involving those two POS cheaters.  

    Agreed. I dont think some people truly understand how much of this the Astros are going to encounter. It is one of the bigger reasons i have the A's winning the division this year. I expect both to be banged up through out the year, and quite possibly lucky to finish the year.

    On a side note, i am curious what happens when Mike Fiers is pitching against Jose Altuve/Bregman. going to be must watch TV.

  6. 1 hour ago, 2ndCitySox said:

    Heres my predicted order of finish:

    AL East: Yankees, Rays, Sox, Jays, O's

    AL Central: Twins (as much as I'd love to say W Sox, I can't yet), Indians, Sox, Tigers, Royals 

    AL West: Astros, Oakland, Angels, Rangers, Mariners 

    NL East: Braves, Nats, Phils, Mets, Fish

    NL Central: Reds (low confidence, but fun...would be 4th different division winner in 4 years), Cubs, Cards, Brewers, Pirates

    NL West: Dodgers, Snakes, Padres, Rockies, Giants. 


    NL Central is pretty crazy. I could see 6 games separating 1st and 4th



    lol, everybody is on the Reds bandwagon. Its going to suck when come seasons end the Pirates end up as division winners.

  7. I have taken a couple things from the posts so far:

    1. A lot of people like the Rays to win the division. I personally dont understand why?

    They have added Renfroe, J.Martinez and Tsutsugo...

    Tampa will also be hoping to have full seasons from the likes of Snell, Glasnow and possibly McKay.

    I understand why there is optimism for this team in 2020, but, they also gave away arguably their best player in Pham for a homer or bust type player in Renfroe.

    So, while the Rays will be bringing in a handful of new players, and hoping their injury plagued members of the roster remain healthy and are considered new additions.. the Yankees will also be in the same boat.

    The Yankees will be adding Gerrit Cole to an already solid rotation..

    Yankees, like the Rays have dealt with some injuries last season too and expect the likes of Andujar, Sanchez, Stanton, Judge, etc. to have full healthy campaigns.

    I personally think we forget what the Yankees did last year with all the injuries they were dealing with. They still won the division, and i can only imagine that with a full healthy roster + Gerrit Cole that this team will be even more dangerous. I mean. there is something to be said in the fact they are also -320 to win the AL East, as well.

    2. The reds, as i said, will be a super trendy pick. lol.

  8. I am so saddened at the way the Angels have handled the Mike Trout years to this point. In fairness, they have spent money. Its unfortunate their big money signings just havent worked out the way they had hoped.

    I look at their team this year, and its much of the same to me. This is not the first time i look at the Angels line up and am impressed with their offense. It wouldnt be the first time they let me down either.

    Outside of Ohtani (who knows how he bounces back after TJ surgery), their options are super thin. They brought in Teheran and Bundy, neither of which are pennant winning pitchers. They are just guys who are 'there'.

    As pointed out, it will be interesting to see what this team will do through out the year in terms of additions if their offence can keep them in the playoff hunt.

    I view them as potentially 3rd best in this division behind both Oakland and Houston.

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  9. 28 minutes ago, RedRaider27 said:

    AL East: Yanks

    AL Central: Twins

    AL West: A's

    Wild Card: Tampa and Houston

    Can see Cleveland being up there real close to Houston for the 2nd spot. I would love to see my Angels get in there but unless their pitching stays healthy and exceeds expectations, they won't make it. Their offense should be fun though.


    NL East: Atlanta

    NL Central: Chicago

    NL West: LA

    Wild Card: Philly and Arizona

    Washington misses the playoffs. San Diego is in the hunt but misses as well. NL Central seems like it will be the NFC East to me. No one really looks like they want to win that division. The Reds are the trendy pick but they don't seem clearly above the rest to me. Just seems like a really bad division that will be the worst in baseball (AL Central has 2 bad teams, 1 so-so team, 2 good teams).


    AL Playoffs:

    Tampa over Houston

    Tampa over NY

    A's over Twins

    Tampa over A's


    NL Playoffs:

    Philly over AZ

    ATL over Philly

    LA over Chicago

    ATL over LA


    World Series:

    Tampa over Atlanta


    Maybe it's just me but the NL seems pretty weak this year. Don't take these picks too seriously, I came up with them just a minute ago and haven't done much research yet! Figured I'd contribute to the thread just for fun.



    I find your Cubs pick very interesting. Any interest in expanding on your thought process? I think Cincy has made the most improvements within the division. Cubs will be playing the year with a new manager, Some new faces, and a super stars whos future will be hanging in limbo through out the year (Bryant).. While the Cards havent made any real improvements, even they have been some moves where as the Cubs are the same team who finished 3rd in the division last year (7.0 games back)

  10. 43 minutes ago, meh2 said:

    I think the AL Central should be a fun battle, but I like Cleveland to come out ahead. Their starting rotation is one of the best in baseball with Clev, Bieber, Carrasco, Civale, and Plesac/Plutko. Their bullpen should be much improved. Their infield is really solid with JRam, Lindor, Hernandez (meh), and Santana. Perez had a really nice season last year, especially defensively. Their outfield is still really bad but it wouldn’t surprise me if they resigned Puig on a one year prove it deal. As it stands they have some guys that they can platoon and at least be decent.

    The White Sox should be much better but I don’t think their pitching is quite there yet. I think the Twins will be there to the end, but I’ll choose the team with better pitching and defense.

    The Astros are still loaded, even without Gerrit Cole and their trash can. They’ll have a full season out of Yordan, Tucker, and Greinke which should ease the sting out of losing Cole. I’m also a big Urquidy fan and I think he’ll be solid. I like the A’s, too, but the Astros should come out ahead. The Angels should also be in the mix.

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I appreciate your response. I have to politely disagree with Cleveland, though. This is essentially the same team as last year and have not made any real improvements to this point in the off-season. Minnesota will be returning with their elite offence and will have the addition of Josh Donaldson to better that offence. I do have some slight concerns with JD if i am being honest, though. As a Jays fan, i got to see him first hand, and while super talented, he has always come off as someone who was seeking that pay day. He finally got it. In other words, i do have doubts he plays to the same standards he did last season, and may sit more frequently if 'not healthy'.. 

    Regarding the White Sox.. i think their pitching is pretty solid.  Giolito, Gio Gonzalez, Keuchel, Lopez, Rondon (when healthy), Cease (who was respectable).. They have options.. none of which are 'garbage' pitchers. Infact, there is still quite a bit of room for guys like Reynaldo, Rondon and Cease to improve.

    Totally get your point about the Astros. I just dont envision them making it through the season healthy. As mentioned, i truly do believe teams will be out gunning for their heads.

  11. 1 hour ago, meh2 said:

    AL East: Yanks

    AL Central: Cleveland 

    AL West: Houston

    NL East: Washington 

    NL Central: Cincy

    NL West: Dodgers

    World Series Winner: Tampa. Fun fact: at this time last year I put a decent wager on Washington to win it all. I put a similar wager on Tampa yesterday and hope to make it 2 in a row.

    I actually find some of your selections really interesting.

    Care to expand on your Cleveland prediction? When considering Minnesota has improved their roster with the addition of Donaldson, and the White Sox have had a dramatic improvement in comparison to last year?

    Cleveland has gotten rid of Kluber, which may not be a big deal considering they still have a solid rotation. Their lack of offence and potential departure of Lindor do scare me, though. Nothing about this Cleveland team inspires me.

    Houston? Is this based strictly on talent? do you believe they will be proving a point this year and have the talent to do so? The media circus that will be cast upon them through out the whole year has no influence on your decision?

    That NL East is such a hard division to predict. Any team not named Miami has just as good of a chance to win it all.

    Cincy.. this is going to be a trendy selection lol.

  12. Hey all,

    I realize there are still FA's available. Everybody is slowly preparing for their 2020 fantasy drafts and looking towards player out looks as well as team out looks.

    Based on how everything has shaped up so far, how does everybody feel about predicting 2020 MLB division winners?

    Let me start.

    AL East - NY Yankees
    AL Central - Chi White Sox (although Minnesota is scary - depending on how Donaldson performs IMO)
    AL West - Oakland Athletics (i personally think the Astros are going to get beat up over the year. Pitches inside. Hard slides into 2nd. It isnt going to be an easy year for the Stros)

    NL East - Atl Braves (This is probably the toughest division in baseball to predict)
    NL Central - Cincy Reds (Likely a trendy pick - i dont see anybody in this division having improved much - Cards included)
    NL West - LA Dodgers

  13. 4 hours ago, ST. STEVEN said:

    Reds have done some pretty nice work this off-season. They should be able to hang with Cards and def look better on paper than Brewers.

    Have to think they are gonna be dealing now too.

    To be honest, i am not impressed with what the Cardinals have done. Infact, outside of Cincy, i dont believe anybody in that division has really improved.

    I think at this moment, if all their pieces mesh well and are productive, it is their division to lose. Cincy is in a good spot to win this division.

  14. 23 minutes ago, hailfire4 said:

    Saying ur sorry after u get caught does not mean it was the only time u did it. All the Astros players and organization are under a cloud now. There is a term called mob mentality. It means people do things just because they get caught up with other people. Baseball wimped out focusing only on management and ex players. Every Astro should have been punished who was involved in the scandal. Maybe MLB should make them start every game behind 1-0 this year to actually punish the team and players?

    That would be interesting, lol. It def wouldnt fly though when considering the money being thrown around in the gambling world.

    I wonder if MLB would have ever considered suspending literally every player on the roster for 'x' amount of games? Even those no longer with the organization and playing else where?

    Me personally? If i was the commish, i would have opted to go that route. I would place further punishment on the organization having to field minor league rosters for 'x' amount of games, as well as punishing the players by not participating in the games which means less $ per paycheck, lack of AB's which would translate into a loss of ASG votes, MVP votes, incentives in their contracts, along with many other things.

    MLB came down way too soft in this situation.

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  15. 12 hours ago, shakestreet said:

    And he is sorry and he feels his former teammates should too while some in this thread say the Astros did nothing wrong and teams have been stealing signs since 1898... 

    Keuchel has been the smartest of the bunch to this point by actually coming out and apologizing. I mean, he is only doing so to help save face and probably doesnt regret it in the least. He has kinda gone forgotten in the whole thing because he is no longer part of the Astros organization, and i feel most pitchers will go forgotten in this ordeal because they didnt really benefit from the situation. 

  16. 5 hours ago, 2ndCitySox said:

    While I love sports in general, baseball has always been my passion. I played little league, collected baseball cards, reenacted the Kirk Gibson 88 world series home run arm pump, owned multiple Nintendo baseball games, read fangraphs articles religiously, develop nerdy spreadsheets for fantasy baseball (the only fantasy sport I play), and follow more news about the game than I should. This whole sign stealing thing is really disheartening to me. I was finally over the PED issues, then this comes into fruition. I'm so jaded over the game right now. It's sad. I hope MLB can fix this problem, but considering that 2 of the last 3 championships have been implicated, it's a horrible stain on the game. I still love baseball, but I'm not "in love". 

    You know what, man? I totally get what you are saying.. but.. its like the famous saying goes.. if you aint cheating you aint trying..

    This theory applies to anything in life. We as regular people unfortunately do not get any where without bending the rules a bit or in other words.. cheating.

    While i am totally against what the Astros did, and want pitchers to be throwing at them, players to be suspended for their participation and banners to be withdrawn.. i understand why they all did it. We try to get away with what we can... its the human in us... and when we get caught.. we gotta man up and take the punishment.

    This is not just a baseball problem, though. Soccer is full of cheating. Football is full of cheating. Basketball is full of cheating. Hockey is also full of cheating. Each sport cheats in different ways, and while the issue in baseball is probably the most severe due to how dependent the individuals are in the secrecy behind whats coming.. they all still cheat.

    Dont let it get to you man. Enjoy the game you love .

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  17. 54 minutes ago, StartYourStuds said:

    While I think it’s ridiculous that Altuve and whoever else were possibly wearing buzzers and am not condoning this behavior at all as I think it’s awful for the game... but whether they are getting a buzz on their shoulder from an electronic device or hearing a trash can bang or verbal/visual cues from dugout/bullpen.... it still achieves the same goal for the hitter.... Not sure how much more of an advantage it really is having a buzzer in comparison to hearing a banging trash can. You’re still getting the message and know what’s coming. 

    you are right.. it equates to the same thing. sign stealing..

    the only thing i see here is the other teams had caught on to the trash can incident... and converted to using the buzzer on the shoulder.. this 1. allows teams to believe a fair game is being played.. and 2. the players are still receiving signals to benefit themselves and the team..

    if this theory is correct.. the fact they went out of their way to develop a new method makes things even worse and certainly deserves more punishment..

  18. 15 hours ago, 2ndCitySox said:

    Is the bouncy ball still in play for 2020? If so I think the twins offense will be about the same as last year

    I think this is such an under rated question for both fantasy and wagering purposes. Are we going to know the answer with certainty prior to the start of the year? or will we have to use a wait and see approach while using a comparison between the upcoming and previous season?

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