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  1. 14 minutes ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Wow, chill some.  You'll live longer. 

    I guess we best not tell you about Bobby Thompson's homer heard round the world and the 1951 Giants signal stealing escapes.  Of course it took around 50 years for the truth to come out about that one.  And don't get me started on running an electric wire under the playing field to buzz in pitches by those notorious 1898 Phillies. 

    This stuff has been going on forever.  Maybe it isn't right but it has always been there.  And they aren't gonna strip the 1951 NL pennant away from the Giants any time soon.

    I am perfectly chill. I also plan to live very long. Thanks.

    Anyways, this is the first time in my life time that i have witnessed such acts. Youre right, they are wrong and this kind of cheating although has always been a part of the game (i am aware of both instances you mentioned, altho the 1898 case is not confirmed) has no part in baseball when including electronics.

    Truth be told, just the events and how they have all unfolded, along with the visual evidence, it gives me chills. It is like watching a movie.

    We live in different times, my friend. While i agree that the 51 pennant will not be stripped, we as the people have so much more of a voice and in so many different ways than they did back then, if we truly wanted it stripped, we could do it with all the potential pressure we would place on major league baseball.

    At the very least, players who were active such as Altuve certainly require a suspension. I dont view this as any different than being caught taking steroids (atleast on roids you still gotta determine the pitch and hit it) where as with the buzzer you know whats coming... and it isnt any diff than betting on games (Pete Rose).. something needs to be done.

  2. Todays news has shook the baseball world.

    I personally look at all the evidence present, and think to myself.. Altuve is guilty.. and i am sure he is not the only one, however, because it was him who hit the HR v Chapman, we are provided with more evidence. (visible evidence)

    So, Altuve hit the HR.. 
    - trotted around the bases very calmly.. as if he was expecting it..
    - made it known to his team mates not to rip off his shirt... some ask; wouldnt his team know not to rip it off? well, no.. not every player was involved with the antics.
    - while his team is celebrating.. jumping around on the mound.. Altuve slips out of the scrum.. with championship tee in hand.. makes his way to the dug out.. then down the tunnel..
    - re-enters the field with no jersey.. just championship shirt..
    - Rosenthal interviews him.. asks Altuve ''why did you not want your team to rip off your shirt?'' to which Altuve responds.. he is shy and his wife gets mad when he doesnt have a shirt on in public.. caps it off with a very anxious nervous laugh.. makes you wonder if Rosenthal knew something about it? or had a suspicion..
    - looks to his social media and witnesses a handful of photos posing without his shirt on.. hmmmm.. i guess he isnt that shy..

    Not only is this all so odd and weird..

    but.. Gary Sheffield Jr. has now come out with the belief that this 'QT' girl who is making news nationally with her tweets that it isnt Beltrans niece (which has been confirmed by Beltrans family).. but Sheffield believes it is another player who is in the loop and is dishing the news while keeping his identity..

    Man, just thinking about all this **** Verlander has said over the years about fair play.. and have it going on within his own club house.. makes him look like an idiot..

    More needs to be done.

    Players need life time bans.

    Championships need to be stripped.

    Its like Clevinger just recently tweeted.. this is worse than taking steroids. 

    I have a feeling this is only the beginning.. things are going to get much worse..

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  3. 4 hours ago, meh2 said:

    Looks like I’ll be benching most of my pitchers, especially lefties, against the Twins this year.


    TBH, i do not view this Twins line up as elite. I know, crazy, right? Especially after last years historic year. I just felt like a lot of players had career years and overachieved. Is it possible that it was a stepping stone to who they as players are? Sure. At some point, Cruz will begin to fall off. Donaldson is 34 and got the payday he has been seeking for a few seasons now. Beyond that, Sano is a question mark.. so inconsistent and injury prone while Kepler and Polanco in some ways came out of no where (Polanco more so than Kepler). 

    I do agree though that their Infield D will be improved drastically, under the assumption both Donaldson and Sano both stay healthy..

  4. 1 hour ago, zstlj said:

    Cardinals gotta pull the trigger. Lots of sources reporting on preliminary talks , but I really think the might come to stl

    Rangers are willing to eat the whole contract. Are the Cardinals? I mean, i would.. but i aint in the front office in St.Louis.

    Also, who do the Cards trade? Obviously Edman is the first piece.. but beyond that? Maybe Liberatore was obtained to be sent off right away?

  5. Not sure what to make of this Nats team.

    On paper, they look like a good shot to win the division. But, when looking deeper, the repeat of career years, lengthy season, short off-season, and the addition of mother time playing a role while taking into account some of these now older guys have an injury plagued history, it does begin to enter the mind that maybe.. just maybe this team is not as good as it appears.

    Me personally? I think the Mets are the best team in the division. Now, that is super hypocrital of me to say because the only way the Mets are division winners is if many of their pitchers turn the clock back and have years like their pre-2019 seasons. I guess you cant have it both ways that the Nats older guys break down and the Mets excel? lol.

  6. While i dont agree with another poster who suggests this team will lead the league in runs scored, i definitely believe this team atleast the on the offensive side of the ball does have talent. A full year of Hiura can be pretty interesting along with the addition of Urias. Yelich back to health and Navarez is no slouch either.. actually, neither is Smoak who i feel is a very under rated signing (Jays fan speaking)

  7. 1 hour ago, mcdowellstl said:

    I honestly think he's going to be a monster.

    Draft him at the end of the 2nd, start of the 3rd with confidence.

    50 homers, 220 runs/rbis (combined), high OBP.

    End of the 2nd? 3rd? What is his ADP? Without looking, i cant imagine he lasts close to 24 and especially 36 (12 team redraft).. 

  8. 20 hours ago, Strike Three said:

    Not to mention no balls to make your own


    I have no desire to make a prediction on who will lead the league in runs scored on December 27th, 2019. I just dont believe given the line up the Brewers would trot out there at this moment that it would be them. What logic is behind your prediction? Kinda sounds like youre a fan boy making such predictions..

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  9. If health permits, this is looking like a division winning team to me... The Indians will be much weaker with the loss of Kluber (altho he wasnt much of a part of the team last year) and the potential loss of Lindor. The Twins will still be solid, but i do proceed with caution because of the juiced ball. How much will it change? if at all.. they are a homer or bust type team and when looking at the line up the White Sox are going to put out there, it just seems to me they can attack the pitcher in so many more ways.

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  10. 2 hours ago, PhilaFanBoy said:

    I suppose I should let go of any hope. His line tonight in his second start at AAA:


    5.2 IP, 8 hits, 9 runs, 5 walks, 5 strikeouts, 2 homers


    I have kept an eye on him..

    Not sure if its worth it.. got roughed up in both minor league starts..

  11. Also, getting away from Minter... 

    Is Leclerc officially done as closer in Texas? meaning he wont be given the chance again this year based off what people are reading. Woodward keeps saying he intends to go back to him.. but as the days tick away.. its becoming less and less likely.

  12. How are people feeling about Minter being given another shot to close with the Braves? I would imagine they would prefer to keep their options internal and not give up assets for a closer (altho who knows).. Minter was decent (not spectacular) in his recent demotion and has since pitched twice since being recalled.

    Very tough to read many closer situations at the moment.. ATL is no different.. what do people think?

  13. Cant believe no one is talking about Jurado yet... 

    He put up another solid performance over the Boston Red Sox.. albeit a struggling Boston Red Sox.. but the name alone is enough to place fear into pitchers.. never mind the fact it was at Fenway.

    I am starting to think we may have a pitcher of value here in Jurado.

    Would love peoples thoughts given we have a handful of starts to assess at this point.

  14. 6 hours ago, Stetson said:

    Sampson is not just a flash in the pan whipping poor teams.....from what I have seen...the guy is doing something that its a shame more pitchers dont learn to do by the time they are 27 years old....he is actually starting to learn how to pitch and not just throw and hope they don't hit it.......do I think he is a cae in the making...shoot no....do I think he will fall to total garbage and no one will remember him in a few weeks.....no sir to that one also.....what I think we have here is a guy that has learn to get the most out of what he has to use......far too many young pitchers never learn this never learn how to pitch...they come up through high school and college and have a decent enough fast ball or curve to get hitters at weaker levels out...they never learn how to really pitch though...they then reach the upper minors or the show and cant get people out because they have no clue what they are doing....they keep throwing a fastball that doesnt blow by advanced hitters and is now considered mediocre instead of above average like in high school or college...or even lower minors......Sampson is smart enough that he is learning how to get hitters in the majors out even though he doesnt have blazing heat......I still to this day find it so funny that so many young fans with all their modern stats think still a pitcher is nothing if he cant throw it 98mph.....fact is in my almsot 30 years of playing fantasy baseball that started before the internet was made available to the public.....I have seen tons of successful pitchers that never had over powering fastballs but knew how to really pitch and get the most out of what they have to pitch with...that is what I am starting to see when I watch Sampson Pitch.....he seems like a guy that is starting to figure out to think and stay a step ahead of the hitter keep the hitter guessing.....instead of just throwing a fastball in a fastball count he isn't afraid to come with an off speed pitch....he trust what he has and is starting to look like a pitcher that isnt afraid to throw any pitch he has at any time in any count...he also is hitting his spots....and that is credit to the fact his control has been dang good.....he isnt just not walking batters.....he is hitting his spots with all his pitches...and what that means is he is making hitters more times than not swing at a pitchers pitch.....and anytime you have a guy that can hit his spots and make hitters even major league hitters swing at his pitch instead of the pitch the hitter is wanting or where he is wanting.....that pitcher is going to succeed more than he looses even if he throws 65 mph like Jamie Moyer once did.....Just saying....what I think we have here is a guy kinda like Trevor Williams of Pittsburgh......who also was a guy no one was all that hyped about everyone said he just didnt have the stuff to be more than a back end innings eater...and yet until he got injured this year he had enjoyed a year and a half of pretty dang good success with the mediocre fastball because he learned how to pitch........I will take a guy that can hit his spots and knows how to pitch all day everyday over a kid who throws 98mph but has no idea what the hell he is doing or where the pitch is going and cant repeat it 2 times in a row if he wants as far as location....because the key isnt always can I get by throwing a fastball to a fastball hitter in a fastball count....the key is can I throw my fastball to the spot I want it at where this fastball hitter has less chance to drill it because he likes them on the other side of the plate or he likes them up or down in the zone......its all about can you hit your spots and Sampson the last several starts is not only hitting his spots with that fastball and getting ahead of hitters throwing strikes but he is pitching to contact as well...but he is able to hit his spots so even when a hitter guesses right...and hits the ball...more times than not he is only getting weak contact from hitting a pitch just outside of where he could drill it or just outside the strike zone....I think Sampson could very well turn into this years Trevor Williams type story.....that guy surprised a lot of people last year...and is a guy who I  picked up last year and he helped me stay in contention the rest of the season and filled a injury hole in my 18 team dynasty league for me....in a deep league like mine...if you can get a guy that offers any upside potential at all off waive wire you better jump and we have no limit to roster moves.....so am I taking a chance on Sampson...yes and I am giving him rope until yes Trevor Williams comes off the D.L  who I still have from last year in our 25 keeper and 5 round redraft league..with minor league spots also....I didnt pick him up until right before his last start....but I am ready to see what he can do until Williams comes back at least...if he keeps pitching well...I may keep him and cut one of my bench bats....but that is a wait and see.

    Love this post... Even if it was a bit hard to read. lol.

    thanks so much for the input.

  15. 4 hours ago, ghostdragon said:

    maybe I'm In the minority but I think he can handle the red Sox this week.. and leaning toward starting him

    I would love to hear more on why you think he will be fine vs the Red Sox.. if you want to elaborate? or is this merely a gut feeling?

  16. 6 hours ago, cizastro said:

    I feel like Sampson is like dynamite just waiting to blow up.  His opponents are hitting .283 against him so far this season but he keeps finding ways to get it done.  One of these games I'm afraid it's all going to work against him.  I'm watching, but not quite ready to make the dive.

    Your not wrong. The BA against is ridiculously high to sustain such value... although we can not dismiss that he has found something and turned it around the last few starts and that moving forward that BA against will continue to move down to respectability.

  17. 15 minutes ago, KilloWertz said:

    Can't deny that his run of late has been fairly impressive, especially for somebody that nobody would have really been paying attention to, although the next matchup is really rough.

    Even though somebody said not to, I'm still taking a wait and see approach.  Honestly, he's had 4 easy matchups out of his 5 start win streak, with the first start against St. Louis being mediocre (and even the second Seattle one too).  His last two starts have been great, but still, I'm waiting. He goes out there and does good against Boston in Fenway, and then he has my full attention.

    Yeah. I mean, i dont disagree with the poster who is encouraging to make a move now. Unfortunately, my league has a max number of moves per season. I have to be careful with them.. it is not just a matter of picking up and dropping with no potential roster issues down the road.

    I am looking at both Sampson and Jurado.. i wanna add both.. will probably hold on Sampson though and see how he does v Boston. If he is still available, i will pounce. If not.. my loss.

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  18. not a lot of talk about Jurado..

    Sampson seems to be getting some talk.. and a valid point was made. The whole Tex Ranger staff is pitching well.. how much of this is a byproduct of their pitching coach?

    has anyone picked up Jurado or Sampson yet? if not, what are you waiting for specifically?

  19. 2 hours ago, Gryfter said:

    Given the recent success of Minor, Lynn and even Jurado, Im starting to think that pitching coach, Julio Rangel is onto something.

    You are not wrong. I find it interesting bums like Minor and Lynn have had successful seasons so far.

    Then you look at both Sampson and Jurado who have both been solid as of late.. and you may be right.. you may begin to question how much of this is on their pitching coach.

    I guess the question is.. is Sampson and Jurado both worthy of a waiver pick up? both are sitting on my WW.. understandably so.

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