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  1. seeming that way, unfortunately.. i mean, atleast based on the twitter link provided by another poster earlier.
  2. only if he ends up taking over the closer role
  3. Have him stashed. Not sure how i feel about this... am curious how long Boone intends on doing that..
  4. Saw this. Am in a pickle deciding if i should hold onto Leclerc or pick up Strop. I have been cautious for two reasons on Strop. Brandon Morrow return is within sight possibly? and Kimbrel is on the market.. If Zobrist doesnt return, it gives the Cubs roughly 9 million i believe to help sign Kimbrel. Their bullpen is a disaster and this would solve a lot of issues and provide clarity on the Cubs bullpen situation.
  5. Still no clarity on if he will take over the closer role, huh? looking for someone who follows the Rangers closely or a Texas resident with more info? Not sure if i should pick up Strop and drop Leclerc or not. I mean, ultimately, Strop could end up loosing that role soon if Morrow returns too..
  6. sounds right IMO. I own Castillo. I believe he is the better pitcher, and he carries SP flex. so is rather valuable. Hope he takes over entirely.
  7. When was his latest set back? do you have any recent updates? i know he had a set back not that long ago but had since begun throwing again
  8. lol, figures.. first game as full time DH, he goes OFFFFFFFFFFFF.... im sure this will lead to a mini surge of Miggy pick ups off waiver.. and those who have dropped him (me) with a sense of regret. i cant imagine (tho its possible) that he will all of a sudden become old Miggy.. altho as previously stated.. the fact he wont be fielding will save his body a little.. which will both allow him to aim for more power and keep him in the line up.
  9. Where do you guys figure Brandon Morrow factors into things? Maddon has said in the past that Morrow will be the close upon his return. Does this hold true? or given Morrows injury history and the fact he has missed almost half the season factor into Maddon sticking with Strop for this year? assuming he remains closer material.
  10. He will serve as a full time DH. His 1b days are officially over. I mean, this could be beneficial for him as a fantasy player.. less strain and tear on the knee..
  11. Yeah, not worried about the 1/16. Like to see the low K rate which is important. Also, given the line up he will be in.. he will get his share of balls to crush.
  12. I personally dropped him yesterday. Not so much because of lack of production (although it would be a valid reason too). I had other concerns to worry about on the team and he was expendable at this point. That being said, no Jay Bruce will certainly give Vodel more playing time which can only be a benefit to his fantasy value.
  13. Such a shame. I genuinely believed i had made a fabulous pick up on the waiver wire when initially called up.. even more so after his 1st start. Nothing but down hill since. Cant throw strikes. Cant get out of the 3rd inning. He will be sent back down at which point i will have to cut bait on him.. only to have someone else scoop him up and stash him while i watch him return later on this season and rack up the wins.
  14. When a team publicly states there is no intention to have him as a start again this year (likely a by-product of his injury issues), i would say not likely.
  15. a couple of you guys have posted similar thoughts on Toussaint. Looking back at my original post, i would change my position on that. I guess the Braves are using Touki the same way the Cards are using Gant, and if i dont believe Gant will be the closer for that reason, neither would Touki. Valid post.
  16. i dont think anybody would disagree with you, which is exactly why we believe he will not be closing. He is to valuable to the Cards in other situations to hold him off to a 9th inning that may never come for him. Use Gant when needed the most.
  17. just picked him up. Your right, no respect.. from myself included.
  18. Cards: Still waiting on this situation to resolve. It is a valid arguement that Hicks likely needed another day off before re-entering the closer role prior to getting pulled and having Gant finish it off. I still think if that role is given to someone else, it would be C.Mart, but again, gotta wait for more clarity before making moves.
  19. question regarding a few situations; Chicago Cubs: Cishek seems like the closer at the moment. Strop will be back in the next day (maybe even today). Does Strop become the automatic guy to own? What is the situation with Morrow? Any news on him and when he comes back is he the guy to own? maybe a stash is warranted, although i find it hard to stash a guy so injury prone. Likely to end up back on the IL. Los Angeles Angels: Cody Allen is sitting on the waivers, probably rightfully so. That being said, No one really appears to have confidence in Robles (again, understandably so) whil
  20. Hey guys, long time follower.. new poster. Love the discussion regarding the Cardinals situation. Looking for some clarity although i know none of us have that just yet.. I have been waiting for Hicks to falter for a little while now. A lot of value in Grant.. altho as most.. i am not sure he will get the spot even though he has the numbers to do it. We seem to be entering this 'fireman' era.. and Hicks may fit that profile.. It may infact be Cmarts bullpen at this point.. and considering he has SP eligibility (so does Grant) he can be super valuable. Which way would people go if b
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