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  1. Odds are officially back up on sports wagering websites. Man, its soo good to see. I just hope it doesnt backfire and that the season gets completed. If there are more idiots present like Kalou.. it will get shut down again real quick.
  2. At this point, the conversation among us fans is dead. We must just sit and wait to hear what this proposal is and if its accepted. At that point, we can carry on this conversation.. untill then, we have exhausted all back and forth discussions.
  3. Mr.Positive, you need to be more positive.
  4. Thank God. Atleast some countries have gotten things right and are getting back to normal.
  5. Honest question for everybody.. and while i realize no one here is a scientist (hell, even they dont really know what is happening) we all have opinions. For example, i originally expected all states/provinces to place strict lockdown rules and that the population would use common sense and adhere to these rules. This wasnt the case, therefore, all my expectations about seasons resuming shortly after failed to be proven true. I personally now stand in a position where i am questioning what is happening... from 3000 people protests in California, to states not locking down, to re-opening too
  6. How is it any different when there is no season to date? Even if youre suspended for the 2020 season, and there is 0 games played, therefore no 2020 season existed, how have you served the suspension of a season? Im sorry. but, it doesnt make sense.
  7. 1. How do you know Von Miller has only gone outside 4 times? I banged Shakira last night (or so i say.. you believe me?) 2. If they are in isolation, how are they going to contract the virus? They will be tested prior to beginning activities and during activities. The entire 'bubble' will be in the same scenario and therefore if no outsiders are entering or players are leaving the bubble, it SHOULD be virtually impossible for anyone within that community to contract the virus.
  8. Not understanding why his suspension will only begin once the season does.. but the Stros and Sox are having their punishments count during the pandemic with no games being played. Horrible on MLB's part.
  9. Replacement umpires will be installed if needed, there are plenty through out the country who are qualified and simply waiting for their big break and will do so for whatever wage it is MLB is suggesting they take for this season
  10. amazing news and big step towards an mlb season under assumption tests arent faulty
  11. lol, you know.. i hadnt actually considered that but you may be on to something. The ratings for a virtual draft were ridiculous. I personally never watch the draft.. i find it boring and a waste of time. I sat there for a few picks untill i could no longer take anymore.. others clearly watched it beyond myself... as the ratings show.. and ofcourse.. the day or two after.. the NBA now has a 'date of hope' for its fans... the NHL now has a 'date of hope' for its fans.. i wouldnt be surprised to see MLB in the next day or two put something out for the public.
  12. Yup, i am relatively new on this forum.. and i noticed it immediately.. everyone lives in this negative bubble no matter how 'realistic' they feel it is.. i have noticed i have been checking these forums less and less as the days have gone on.. partly because i have not come across anything new.. but also because i know what to expect when reading the posts. Nothing but mind draining demoralizing negativity. Sad world.
  13. You're not wrong.. i think that kind of goes over peoples heads a little bit.. myself included at times. The lockdown wasnt intended to be the cure of the disease.. just to buy time and help with the medical systems. I think we here in N.America have achieved that.. and its time to start opening up again.. slowly.. and with restrictions.. but open..
  14. Fully agree.. things need to start opening up. End of story. I agree with your thought process in the sense that stores can be open 1 hour more a day.. small steps.. but steps nonetheless. For example, one of our big grocery store chains here in Canada will be extending their hours starting April 26th. Its only a small step.. but.. it kinda looks like we will start getting the economy up and running again.
  15. I personally think the best decision to get baseball back and reduce the chance of players getting infected would be to host teams in all 3 states. Whether that is 2 traiditonal divisions in each state or the re-aligned divisions in each state. Few days off at certain parts in season. Rotate states. Ensure everything is sanitzed accordingly along with time between swap of teams allowing the disease to die naturally on whatever surface it may have remained on. BTW, i totally agree with you.. i dont get why the heat is being discussed by some users as if MLB teams dont play in that heat every
  16. There are ways around the heat... early morning games.. or games played in the evening.. combined with both the stadiums of the Astros and the Rangers new ball parks which SHOULD be able to host 2-3 games each per day, with teams rotating between ball parks to ensure fair play and that all teams get the benefit of retractable roofs and i dont see this being a problem. IMO, the only thing stopping the MLB from actually moving forward with plans is the lack of testing in the U.S. which to me in crazy when you guys have somebody like Trump talk openly about how he misses sports and wants them
  17. Honestly, i get where you are coming from.. but i truly believe given the normal persons situation with these stay at home orders... that distraction of sport would help minimize the mental difficulties some people may be going through. We dont 'need' it.. but we need it.
  18. Not really saying anything he hasnt been preaching for a while now.
  19. IF...IFFFFFFF cases do not spike upwards dramatically in the states of Arizona, Texas, and i would like to say Florida.. but their situation does concern me more than others... i could certainly see this 3 state idea working which contains 5 major league ball parks with domes/retractable roofs proceeding forward. It would certainly be interesting to see who MLB determines to play where and the division set up. IMO, it would make sense for MLB to place 2 divisions per state, and when they have played whatever amount of games allocated to within that division, they take a few days break and relo
  20. Where do you stand on this, personally? In your opinion.. acceptable? or mistake? Georgia has put up almost 1000 new cases today alone.
  21. I was reading on Portuguese newspaper 'Abola' that the 1st two divisions of German football have been given the green light to resume behind closed doors on May 9th. In other football news, Sporting CP returned to training today, with only a few players at any given time (exactly how Germany started training again).. extending the distance to a full 10 metres between players. They brought their own fluids. Did not use change rooms. Came dressed and left straight to their car after practice. We are slowly seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
  22. Love this update! keep them coming! i can only hope the rest of Europe is shortly behind Germany in this moment and that the likes of Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and the rest can get their economies restarted in the near future. Question for you - How do you feel about the German government taking heat from its peers through out Europe for not helping the other nations enough? Or atleast what the other nations perceive as enough? What i am getting at is there is talk that Germany, who is well ahead of everybody else in terms of testing and protocol are not providing other countries with
  23. Thats true, but the players will run the risk of loosing their $ and when considering the life styles many of them are accustomed to and/or built.. a big chunk of $ lost is probably not in the cards..
  24. That happened a week ago... there was a total of like 14 people there.. and it has since been the only documented protest.. we have been in this mode of quarantine for probably over a month now.. Some people in specific states have been in a 3 week qurantine and already protesting risking the lives of many.. and i must say those protests are significantly larger.. But yeah.. i would tend to agree with you.. and i say this out of respect, but, Canadians for the most part are more civilized.. just look at your news stations.. your government is throwing fists at each other.. your president
  25. That appears to be what the situation is at the moment. Atleast to start the season off. Truthfully, though some players have suggested they are not interested in the idea, i dont think they really have a say... They have a contract to play baseball, and where ever that might be, they must oblige to that contract. I think the owners will be on board with the idea (money obviously).. and the PA will be on board if enough players are willing to play (which there will be).. and that kinda forces all those who arent interested to kinda suck it up and get to AZ to play ball.. atleast IMO.
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