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  1. From what he is saying he isnt signing any where this year because he doesnt believe there will be a season. Crazy how we have all gone crazy and many think we wont have baseball in 2020 but we still have almost 2 weeks left in April.. i definitely believe we will have a 2020 MLB season.
  2. Uhm... if i was a wagering man.. which i am... i would place a bet on all of the above.. 🙄 Crazy how different the two cultures are.. we are in quarantine here in Canada too.. it sucks... honestly.. everyone is going a little crazy.. putting on a little weight.. many people like the U.S have lost their jobs.. all city facilities are closed.. but.. dont people get it that if we just abide by these restrictions for a few weeks we can all go back to normal a lot longer.. By having these protests.. you have now taken 3 steps backwards and will end up in a quarantine longer than you had
  3. I have yet to read the entire article, but, before i do.. i must question this only because i look at places like S.America and Africa who even in their winters, will still be much more hot and humid than a lot of the U.S will be in the summer... yet, in both places, they are seeing a ton of cases, so while i hope its true, when looking at countries known for their heat and seeing their cases continue to soar higher and higher. it makes me question this..
  4. It pains me to know all the health care workers who are putting their lives and families lives in jeopardy to HELP others.. only to have those protesting basically telling the health care workers to go f--- themselves and their efforts are not appreciated. Ok, so, you as an adult who is obviously capable of using the internet can surely research this for yourself.. i mean, its only been all over the major media websites and takes literally 30 seconds to pull up. Please look below for a small sample of the type of incidents going on as i have 'quoted' another user who has posted pho
  5. Right? and then we got people asking 'whats wrong with that'? God help us all.. humans are a danger to this planet..
  6. I dont even know what to say.. Honestly.. i have been all about Mid-May baseball.. and truthfully.. i really believed that was a possibility given the restrictions that were in place and believed if followed, they would have sped up the recovery process so significantly.. But now i see this.. and i have no words anymore.. This was like the worst thing that could happen if North America had any intention of getting back to normal..
  7. Is this a serious question? How about you elaborate on why it isnt a problem... *smacks head against wall*
  8. so beaches and parks are re-opening in Jacksonville, FLA... for physical activity only.. no sun bathing, towels, coolers, etc will be permitted. [...]
  9. That article did not really say much to me. It appears they are more concerned with the stock price than anything else.. Like another poster noted.. lets wait for the results, because the article itself sounded like it was intentionally trying to be super negative about the whole ordeal
  10. I need to subscribe to read article. What is the summary of it? My understanding based on earlier published articles was results were supposed to be received by the company yesterday (Thursday) which caused the hesitancy for the company to speak publicly about it.. although i guess May is now only a couple of weeks away, so, more results and time to analyze results might not be a bad thing either. Last thing we want is **** rushed that doesnt work keeping us in this thing we now called life for longer than we have to be..
  11. After further review, the 125 you speak of is from the Chicago based hospital specifically, while the other 2400 and 1600 also going under the trial are in various parts of the world, but those results have yet to be released.
  12. Unless i am not understanding this correctly, the trials have been running with more than 125 people and the results were supposed to be received yesterday, so its expected the official results will be shared in the coming days, which is also why Dr.Mullane was not willing to discuss the topic as official results were not yet had. "Trials of the drug are ongoing at dozens of other clinical centers, as well. Gilead is sponsoring tests of the drug in 2,400 patients with severe Covid-19 symptoms in 152 trial sites around the world. It's also testing the drug in 1,600 patients with moderate sym
  13. Was literally just going to post some links as well. I guess i could have just looked it up initially myself, lol. Thanks, though. In relation to the links.. man... maybe this is the break through we have been waiting for? Stocks are surging on Gilead too. a lot of people believe this could be it..
  14. It does. I have met Trout a few times and that is the vibe he presents.. home body.. really chill.. not a party kinda guy.. eats,breaths,talks,lives baseball.. i guess he needs more in life.. Didnt read the link.. but i am assuming thats a ban on fans being in attendance for sporting events.. i can see concert bans lasting till 2021, but not sporting events.
  15. That is so embarrassing. As if America needs another reason to be looked at funny by their peers.. thankfully, there are plenty of exceptions like yourself.. stay safe man. I dont get it though, is there not legal restrictions on gatherings? Can the police not arrest these people? 3rd most cases in the country.. and you have people doing that... man..
  16. Yeah, it actually makes sense when you think of it. I think Tennis is not that far off either, in terms of distancing, few people needed to run a match (2 players , 1-2 ball boys/girls, 7 judges who are naturally spaced far apart to begin with
  17. Given the butting of heads between Fauci and Trump, i am curious who ultimately wins this 'battle' . I would certainly put my money on Trump and that Fauci while remaining cautious will eventually lead the U.S back to what Trump wants; the opening of the country again. Fauci stating at the end of the article 'i want to see the Nationals play again' is interesting as well.. the fan boy in him comes out.. and it sounds almost Trump like TBH.
  18. https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/29038491/dr-anthony-fauci-promotes-single-site-fan-free-return-sports Another interview that i found interesting ,but yet, more of the same kinda talk.. This isnt really new.. Fauci has expressed this sort of rationale in the past and has done so again.. Truthfully, i dont know what to believe anymore.. Fauci has discussed the realism behind playing sports this season... its kinda what we have been told already though.. i think its certainly possible if its the only way.. Some players have discussed the lack of appeal behind leaving their famil
  19. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/mlb-cuts-senior-staff-pay-35-pays-staff-212136303--mlb.html Not much new in the article, but, atleast the state of Arizona has confirmed their willingness to host all 30 MLB teams if given approval. On a side note, i do think that MLB only beginning the season for first 2-3 months is a big plus and something the players would consider a lot more than being stranded in AZ for 5-6 months.
  20. You guys as a whole as trending in the right direction. Some states are behind, but the big ones like New York and California are certainly on the right paths. Here in Canada, we are on the right path as well, what is mind boggling to me is we are following the same sort of guidelines and restrictions as you guys, and yet, only averaging 1300-1500 cases in the whole country a day.. and our boy Mr.Ford just announced another 28 days of restrictions to follow the April 23rd deadline he originally set... insanity about to kick in.
  21. On the bright side, mitigation is slowly working.. the U.S.. actually, even Canada are seeing signs of the spread slowing down, so, i hope the people of both countries can continue to respect the situation and prevent us all from being stuck in it longer than we have to be..
  22. It is clear the American government is not in alignment with one another. Governors/mayors can not get on the same page within their respective States... the president and the top infectious disease doctor in your country continue to butt heads.. what a headache this already was.. quickly becoming a migraine..
  23. As bad as this may sound.. if you're going to work and are getting 'stressed out' to the point you cant leave your work at work.. it may be a good idea to reconsider the career path..
  24. Hopefully it works, the article does not say, but i am assuming that 2 of those 6 who were allowed to live longer eventually was able to recover fully, just at a slower rate? You wouldnt know, just throwing it out there. I am curious though if cells from the same placenta could be used on multiple people or if its just a one per kinda thing.. alot of pregnancies would need to take place if the case of 1 per.
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