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  1. This article is suggesting that people live longer when in times of economic hardship? really?... i guess we should all just stop working and making money then.. we will all live longer.. Unfortunately, it doesnt appear to me that article takes into account people who develop mental health issues.. or discusses the ones who develop mental health issues and dont even go get checked up.. or how many turn to the bottle? Naturally, the theory makes sense... people dont goto work.. stay home.. live longer.. sure.. less people outside.. less opportunity for crime.. violence.. car accidents.. i
  2. I fully agree with this, and truthfully, the people who are preaching to remain in complete ISO till a vaccine of some sort is provided are likely either seniors with pensions, well established financially where the lack of income doesnt impact them or are fortunate to work from home.. but for those who arent any of those things (and there are A LOTTTTT of them).. much of what you described earlier is not far fetched and could easily happen... the economy can not remain shut down and in lock down for a minimum of 18 months (if not longer..). Regardless, a loss of life will be taking place, wh
  3. My biggest concern with countries lifting restrictions is on the travel restricitons. These in my humble non-educated opinion should remain in place for a rather long time and could be the cause for potential outbreaks in the future.. big mistake to lift these.
  4. Fully agreed. We all saw the idiots during spring break when this was already 'a thing'... and the zero f---*s given... imagine Trump strolling out to his presser and telling the country 'hey everybody, we re safe, youre going back to work tomorrow and can go back to normal life' .. wellllll... all i can say is.. end game. That 2nd wave will be worse than the first wave.. I can only hope that while restrictions are lifted in moderation, that your president doesnt come out and make it appear everything is fine and no restrictions remain in place.. our prime minister has said we will be phas
  5. I get all you are saying.. but.. is it that hard? To have them tested prior to leaving for AZ? tested upon arrival? quarantined for 14 days? I mean, wouldnt you do it for millions of dollars? Maybe i am in the minority here, but, i would do it. Beyond that, youre right, the lack of testing does still pose a problem, but, none of this would be happening untill those concerns have been taken care of, both from the amount of tests available and also their reliance. These talks are simply that.. talks.. and they only turn to action if some of the issues discussed are resolved, but, un
  6. Agreed. I think everyone realizes how much some countries screwed up in the lack of testing kits being available, thus forcing all these companies to mass produce them and do so in a quick manner.. ofcourse, the potential issue with this is the possibility of a lack of quality due to it being rushed.. but, im definitely hoping i am wrong here.
  7. As a fellow human, i can acknowledge breaking habits are hard. However, i would also like to think that if they are educated prior to as why they may not be able to do that, or if they do, they must discard it properly that they would be capable of doing it while looking out for their teammates and their contracts to be honest. But, i have been let down by humanity plenty of times so breaking a habit that occurs so frequently and without much thought might be hard to accomplish.
  8. Good. Should have been done a while ago. This procedure is being followed in China and Germany will be following the same protocol shortly (masks required on transit, public buildings, basically outside of your home) What happens if caught without? Fine? Prison? If you know. Good on NJ for enforcing this though.
  9. I dont understand what is so hard for some of you guys to understand in relation to the whole 'coming in from hot spots' arguement. All players and staff would be tested PRIOR to anything even happening... all contact with the outside world does not exist once there... IF... IFFFFFF everybody who shows up to AZ for the MLB season tests negative, given the restrictions and guidelines and of course the assumption that all follow it properly.. NO BODDYYYYYY should be capable of testing positive or spreading this disease around. Testing kits are being produced at a much higher rate at
  10. On a more positive note, for those of you who love 'the beautiful game'.. German has announced their top 2 divisions will kick off again at the start of May, while the Serie A in Italy has confirmed they are now beginning talks with when/how they will resume their leagues. Slowly but surely.. sports will be back in our lives..
  11. I am one of those May baseball backers.. i dont believe the idea has been diagnosed as impossible by MLB either. They didnt shut down the Passan talk.. simply said nothing was official or confirmed and that the talks were in its infancy stages. I dont have an issue with that, and i also think Ahmed when using the 60 games is simply stating a worst case scenario.. which.. May baseball or not.. the league must still plan for a worst case scenario even if it never sees light (the same way they are planning for a best case scenario with May baseball).. i dont believe these Ahmed quotes change anyt
  12. Encouraging that they would still give it a go, certainly. Definitely not the number i think any of us (players included) would want to represent a MLB regular season.
  13. I disagree with all of this so much.. but.. whatever.. the fact guys like Arenado, Wood, Barnhart, among others have stated they are willing to play if this is the only way it can be done should close this sort of talk and conversation immediately. The players themselves are indicating that if push comes to shove.. they will do it. End of discussion.
  14. Yes, most people like you or me who spend our time on a fantasy baseball forum... 4% for guys with millions of dollars of bills to pay for some how likely can not live off 4% of their regular pay days.
  15. Sure, it is only one wife that has been referenced, and while it isnt good to generalize, i am going to generalize in this moment and make the assumption that if one woman is ok with her man being gone for a few months to ink those millions of dollars worth of cheques.. im sure she isnt the only one.. It is kinda like the belief that not everybody likes money.. but most of us do... not everybody likes pizza.. but most of us do... not everybody drinks water.. but most of us do.. same concept..
  16. agreed. agreed. thank you. every time it will be called out.. it goes both ways.. I find this funny, because when Fauci speaks and says everyone needs to do this. this, and that.. the world sits.. listens.. and agrees.. but when Fauci sees promise in the return of baseball via this plan.. those same people now discredit him.. what a crock.. It goes both ways man.. i do agree that people have gotten away from the convo (myself included).. but if my posts are going to be edited/removed for those same things you are allowing among others directed to those who are optimisti
  17. So, i made a comment about this yesterday in relation to an interview with Passan. Long story short.. the player he was discussing the issue with initially agreed.. went home.. wife asked if him going meant getting paid? It does.. she said go play ball.. Man, im sure a lot of families are willing to face time for a few months to pocket millions of dollars or for the lesser earners give her husband a chance to pursue his dream in the bigs.. Yeah... youre not the only one to say that.. [...] i hope you guys both enjoy your summers with no baseball.. but... i would bet every cent i
  18. cool story, bro. Enjoy the rest of your summer.
  19. Passan noted multiple times that this idea has the backing of high level federal health officials. That in itself speaks volumes.. Further more, today, players like Arenado (among others) voiced their opinions and approved the idea of playing in Arizona... AS LONG AS IT IS SAFE..
  20. Thats the thing, no one is going to be playing yet I fully agree with you that at this present moment, it should not proceed. Hurdles need to be cleared. Tests to be readily available and at mass quantities. First response health workers must be assured they are taken care of first. In a months time *May* .. why is this not feasable? given the number of companies and governments all working together in this fight against Corona, i dont see why it isnt possible. So, to talk about baseball on April 7th, and discuss possible ways of making that happen logistically next month.. it isnt too s
  21. Passan did an interview which kind of made me laugh... the reporter had made mention of something similiar, that the idea of having players away from their families is absolutely crazy and that no one is going to agree to it.. which Passan stopped the reporter, agreed with him, before going on to say a player who had spoken to shared similiar thoughts.. the next morning.. that player texted him and stated his wife was ok with him going if it meant getting paid.. lol... gold digging putas.
  22. I am curious just as you are.. who would these changes for the 2020 season impact the most? I initially built my roster full of relievers and a handful who carry the SP,RP designation.. so, if relievers arent going to be useful or have a very diminished role, i need to start dropping guys and finding replacement pitchers ASAP. lol. My understanding of this plan is the season will start in Arizona, as in, the possibility remains that they finish in their respective cities, but, by that point, fantasy playoff contention may not even be realistic for myself so it wouldnt matter.
  23. You're wrong. Sports are a priority and that call between Trump and the other Commishioners is now starting to look a whole lot like 'get sports back on ASAP' Like i have said before, you're hands down the most negative person i have encountered in my life. This is great news filled with potential and hope and the only thing you can do... againnnnn.. is **** on it.. man, smile, be optimistic for once and hope this goes through and goes through properly. Also, another poster made an interesting point.. have about 10 minor leaguers on stand by. He compared that to how the NFL has
  24. I found that interesting as well, but, according to sources, the idea has approval of both the players union and 'high ranking federal public health officials' I dont look at it as 'greed over safety' to be honest... i get why you would; the ability to earn millions. I look at it as players trying to provide the fans with something to be positive about, something to look forward to, if the athletes in their mansions are going crazy with these restrictions, im sure they can imagine the ones living in small a** apartments with none of the luxuries they have (and still being bored)
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