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  1. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29004498/mlb-union-focused-plan-allow-season-start-early-arizona Baseball in May. Honestly, there are still many hurdles to clear, and i hope for the sake of all of us in here and the world to be quite frank, that this plan works out and is executed flawlessly. We need sports back... and if it does work out, i want a cookie from all of you who have shat on me. lol.
  2. The whole MLB in Arizona (to start anyways) really seems to be picking up some steam.. ofcourse, there is still a **** ton of work to do and many many many hurdles to clear, but, they are certainly looking at getting this up and running in May according to Passan and other sources.
  3. Honestly, i dont understand why people are worried about the teams spacing themselves out during the games. Afterall, if this is going to work, they are all going to be confined into a specific area.. only be allowed to travel from hotel to stadium and back.. constant testing.. no contact with anyone outside of professional baseball who are all going to be following the same guidelines. In other words, there will be no need for the spacing out of the players during the game when living under these conditions.. theres no reason any one within these organizations should be testing positive so
  4. Ill be honest and admit to the fact this isnt even something i had considered, even though its something that is so clear and in plain sight. Very good point... i hadnt even considered the possibility of what the minor leaguers are gonna be doing and what happens in the case a replacement is needed? Man..
  5. Agreed, well said. I am with you on this, 100%.
  6. Does anybody know how long after the 'peak' it takes to return to normalcy? I mean, i guess its a hard question because no one minus some of Asia has begun to do so, i dont know when they reached their peak though. New Rochelle was the 1st place in NY to really get hit, was it not? They released their last corona positive patient not too long ago. Hmm.. Just curious. i feel like its possible and i could be wrong that once a peak is reached things can begin to be opened up cautiously 3-4 weeks after that.
  7. i totally get that, same in Portugal and most of the world.. my point is i question if Sunday is still viewed as 'free day' taking the situation into consideration, thats all. I just feel there is too much at risk to be treating Sundays like we are in normal times.
  8. No one said they were up to date, thats why i asked when they are finalized. Also, are you suggesting people would take Sundays off or take it easy cuz its a Sunday even in a moment like this? i feel like these are different times man.. Sunday isnt Sunday right noiw..
  9. That isnt true, man. I have refreshed it multiple times through out the day and the numbers have all changed, some more than others, but they have changed and this was through out the day which is why i asked when they finalize the numbers for the day, cuz they kept changing.
  10. Yeah, i pulled all those numbers from the website.. i mean, i dont know how many times it updates which is why i asked earlier, but as of when i wrote it, those were the numbers.. definitely some positives.. i would really like to think that within the next few weeks we can have those numbers in N.America down a lot more leading to some start dates being discussed (under the assumption hospitals are in better position and more equipment is provided to them)
  11. My first thought; why was a tiger tested for Corona. On the bright side, atleast they are doing well according to the report.
  12. Its 6pm EST, roughly. New York has approx 4,000 less cases today than yesterday. New Jersey has approx 1,000 less cases today than yesterday California has roughly 800 less cases than yesterday (although on the West coast, that can still go up quickly) The USA as a whole of me writing this has 13,000 less cases today than they did yesterday. Meanwhile, in Europe, Spain, Italy, France and Germany have all seen dramatic drops in cases over the last couple days (today included) Unfortunately, Canada has only roughly 20 less cases today than yesterday (not taking into account the
  13. Yeah, honestly, thats an embarrassing number.. the U.S.A needs to step TF up..
  14. At what point of the day do these numbers on 'worldometers' get finalized? I am assuming it is by State depending on their respective time zone? Looking at a lot of the numbers of some individual states, There seems to be positives happening.. although i realize untill it happens for days and days and days consecutively, it doesnt mean all that much just yet.
  15. Just thinking out loud... would you guys be in agreement with me if i suggested that how the soccer leagues in Europe approach things starting this week with the return to training together is further aid in N.Americas return to sport? Assuming that it all goes well, ofcourse. I also think their plan on eventually getting everyone training together (which hasnt been discussed yet) will also be a stepping stone in our aid to a return as well, again, if it all goes smoothly.
  16. That is the scary thing... the fact it didnt originate in the U.S.A and even so, the western world still was not prepared knowing it was coming. I honestly can not even imagine if it hit us blindly without any knowledge or time to prepare.. i feel it would have been even worse..
  17. Yeah. I think a lot of us have realized its the only realistic way its going to happen. I still believe we will see it at some point in May, giving the MLB enough time to address any logistical issues they may face, while also allowing the many companies now working together to produce medical supplies to ensure there are no shortages for first responders (which is the biggest obstacle)
  18. I dont disagree, i mean, the punishment itself was not sufficient in my opinion, but for them to come out and say that their punishment will be served even if no games is played is unacceptable. Essentially, all of MLB is serving a suspension on par with the Astros if that is the case and MLB have now grouped the two together. Disapointing.
  19. In some ways, i think its good to wait.. Although it isnt something we could have predicted, the Astros are getting off completely free, Hinch and their former GM may not even have to miss a single game if theres no baseball this year, which is messed up, what punishment did they really serve? its on par with the whole of MLB. Crazy.. Wait untill there is baseball and force them to serve potential suspensions.
  20. You referring to the ban you read about earlier in this thread? if so, no, that ban applies only to city run festivals/events/permit related events and does not realte to the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, among other professional sports teams. Even so, if they proceed with an isolated area where all teams are present, it wouldnt even matter.
  21. Yes, that is what i read, groups of 4 and 5, i still question how they will determine when it is safe for all to train together and go back to normal in the futebol world. In relation to Germanys numbers, thats great! honestly, the Germans have their **** together and can always be looked at in modern day as the model to follow. Good job to your country so far and i hope you guys get it upto 14 days and even better in the near future!
  22. In Italy: https://abola.pt/nnh/2020-04-04/italia-planteis-vao-ser-testados-e-jogadores-divididos-em-tres-grupos/837921 Juventus, another one of the big teams in the world of club soccer are beginning to get back to training.. much like Bayern Munich, there will be restrictions. Juventus plans to test all players, breaking them up into 3 groups, positive, immune, and non-immune. A few of the Juve players have already had covid-19 for those who follow the game. Training will take place in those 3 separate groups as well. Again, no set date to return to action.. I do question both Germa
  23. So, a point of interest i have come across: https://abola.pt/nnh/2020-04-04/bayern-munique-bayern-regressa-aos-treinos-na-segunda-com-varias-restricoes/837915 The article is in Portuguese, however, feel free to translate it, or, you can take it from me. The article says Bayern Munich, who is one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world and located in Germany will begin training together on Monday. There will be restrictions however, some of those being how they train. They will train in small groups. Look, Germany is getting hit pretty bad right now (not U.S bad, but bad), so i am going
  24. I do. Just not with fans, atleast initially.
  25. To be honest, im not sure what sort of deal they have in place for this..
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