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  1. There isnt one.. even if their TV deal was with 1.00, its still 1.00 less they would have lost if they didnt play their games. There will be baseball this year. Unless ofcourse teams agreed to share TV revenue? i mean, i doubt it. but. its possible.
  2. Why not? I mean, FIFA has staged the World Cup in recent years in both Africa and Brasil, with the 2022 version set in Qatar, heat was and always be a concern in these places but they have built the proper facilities to take care of it, they have also implented water breaks when required. Sure, facilities will not be built for these baseball games, but, in comparison to soccer, theres hardly any movement, and ball players certainly out there running for 90 minutes, even more so, those minutes arent consecutive, there are plenty of pauses between when an individual player will take the field ag
  3. beat me to it. That is exactly what i think will happen.. begin in empty stadiums with a build up of playing in stadiums with fans.
  4. Yeah, as a couple of others noted, TV revenue would help balance that out. On top of that, if they begin in empty stadiums, there will not be any staff there like normal therefore they are either saving their entire funding for staff, or a % of that if they are paying their part time staff, either way, they will also be saving millions on that end as well. I am thinking MLB begins the season behind closed doors untill given the go-ahead, while leagues like the NHL and NBA will finish their seasons/playoffs behind closed doors.
  5. https://twitter.com/villa_steve/status/1246447586732580864?s=20
  6. Scheduled participants on call with Trump: NBA – Adam Silver WNBA – Cathy Engelbert MLB – Rob Manfred NFL – Roger Goodell NHL – Gary Bettman PGA Tour – Jay Monahan UFC – Dana White WWE - Vince McMahon NASCAR – John Middlebrook or Jim France. MLS – Don Garber. Notice: No NCAA.
  7. Disagree, Some states arent even concerned about this, imagine being the city that gets America up and running again.. everybody in the country would be on their knees thanking them for their 'kindness'
  8. You're probably not wrong. That is kinda what i am expecting.. Trump to discuss with the leagues potential plans to get these sports up and running again. No joke. I also think the concept is very feasible even if the most of you in here disagree with me entirely. *shrugs*
  9. Truthfully, i am not preparing for the worst. I actually think this is a really positive thing for the economy, fans, and the world to be honest. Trump is a sports fan (also an idiot, but still a sports fan) who has made it clear he wants the economy up and running, i gotta imagine he will do whatever he can to help these leagues/clubs get up and running again even if in some quarantined/isolated area in Arizona. His extentions of stay at home orders would likely be more accepted if we actually had some sort of distraction other than the constant negativity being spread into our ears by CNN a
  10. I agree with your post 100%. As much of an advocate as i have been to get playing ball with the belief we will see it in May, i do also believe that is the first hurdle to clear, to take the stress off the health care system. I personally believe that over the next 30 days, with hopefully thousands of recoveries and the stay at home orders in place we see much less cases of Corona occuring, which in theory, will ease the stress of these hospitals. It would be a shame if people were dying because of appendix/gallbladder complications. I really do believe over the next month, we will be in a muc
  11. God damn.. bruh.. firstly, its an idea.. secondly, no where did i say this would take place tomorrow. the shortage is real and understood. Hence the requirement for both the hospital shortage to be taken care of, along with factories (more by the day, might i add) aiding in the mass production of supplies. At some point, there will not be a shortage and will be plenty to go around.
  12. So, to advance the idea further.. a spring training 2.0 will be required, right? all members are tested upon arrival to facility, if someone is positive they will be placed into quarantine at that moment, the hope is all members show upto spring training 2.0 without corona (they are supposed to be quaranting), all members pass test, all members are isolated from outside world for duration of season, there SHOULD be no reason any member will test positive at that point, but, i guess anything is possible and to ensure it that is where daily testing comes into place.
  13. with the introduction of these 15 minute tests, take a daily test or proceed with the option that has been floated around about having team/staff isolated from the outside of the world for the season. It honestly wouldnt be that hard.
  14. Yeah, i read about the UK looking into issuing some sort of certificate/passport for those who are 'immune' to the disease, allowing them to retun to normal lives sooner than others would be permitted to.
  15. Really? Wow, i wouldnt have guessed that response. Honestly, i thought it was obvious that this isnt a potential solution to take effect immediately.. but, i guess you didnt catch onto that.. Obviously time to manufacture such material is required..
  16. To further that, each fan could be required to have their temperature checked prior to entry with one of those temperature gun check things... entrance is going to take much longer, but, gates could always open earlier.. either way, if fans want to see the game in person, its something they will have to tolerate..
  17. The use of gloves and masks would prevent any air being breathed or while talking to be transmitted to another individual. The use of gloves would ensure no germs transferring from one spectator to another.. why wouldnt this work? assuming all fans used the masks/gloves for the duration of the game and did so properly..what am i missing here?
  18. Question - The markets in Wuhan opened back up today. Ofcourse, restrictions remained within the city, a lot of other businesses remained closed, vendors wore masks and gloves as precautions and some were forced to sell over high fences to maintain distance. Is it possible for the MLB to return with fans if every fan gaining entry was required or even provided with masks/gloves? The obvious issue with this is the teams ability or fans desire to make money off food/drink sales, but, other than that, is it possible?
  19. I actually dont think any of your 6 predictions are that far off, to be honest. Civale can definitely be top 20. I see Bummer taking over from Colome at some point (i just traded Colome with this belief as well, lol) Good list.
  20. Thing is, we do not need a 'cure' to return to normalcy.. and its this that gives me a lot of optimism moving forward.
  21. I believe the key to seeing sports and having the citizens of the world return to any sense of normalcy is via available, quick, and efficient testing... untill that happens, i dont anticipate much changing in our world as we see it on April 3rd, 2020. The bright side? i believe that testing availability is right around the corner..
  22. This is great news. This is also the 10th (exaggeration) vaccine i have heard about. The issue IMO is while these vaccines are promising, it will still require upwards of a year minimum to have it ready for production and distribution to the public.
  23. I dont disagree there is potential here, and at his ADP, it is a steal... assuming he lives up to anything we remotely saw during the 2nd half of last year. For a late round flier, he is totally worth it, and i also agree that this is a type of player that you grab in the last round or two (or WW) that if he has a 2nd half type of season from start-end, it could win you championships. I am reserving judgement though untill i see it was nothing more than a hot streak and that his actual mechanic changes are the source for his output.
  24. speaking of, do you know of how these treatments are going? and what states are actively providing patients with these drugs? like said earlier in this thread when these drugs became a thing, i really anticipated more headlines and positive vibes about them, especially considering they ARE helping people based on the very few articles i have stumbled across.
  25. A little off topic, but potentially a point of interest: https://abcnews.go.com/Health/nba-players-whove-beaten-covid-19-donate-blood/story?id=69909547 Nba players who have recovered from Coronavirus are donating blood to help with treatments. With all the brain power in the world working on this, the tons of treatments that are being tested, the number of tests that are becoming available, surely, we gotta find a solution sooner rather than later.. Also an interesting note: Britain is considering documents/passports of some nature that people who have recovered from Coronavirus will be
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