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  1. 11 minutes ago, jfazz23 said:

    early june latest.  maybe may if they are back in camp at end of april.


    even doomsday pushers like UK imperial college (and some ppl here) are starting to admit this. Imperial college who predicted 500k deaths in england now predicting 20k orMUCH lower.  who predicted a year out of school/work now saying 2 weeks.  



    the zombie apocalypse pushers were wrong and this is probably not even as serious as the FLU at this point.  i expect the country to be back to work in a couple more weeks


    edit: also, if you are into traveling, i just bought plane tickets to Colorado in june for $85 round trip (from NY area).

    Hmmmm.... i guess i was tricked into thinking doomsday was here with all these negative nancies in these forums..

    As each day passes, i am getting more optimistic about a return to normalcy sooner rather than later..

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  2. 8 hours ago, B&F said:

    The more I read the more optimistic I become.  Baseball June 15th.

    I am with you. I have been optimistic since the start of this pandemic as more information has become available..

    On a side note, as it is his duty to help the baseball world.. Manfred stated yesterday his hope is to have baseball getting ramped back up sometime in May. He also acknowledged a 162 game season is not likely.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:

    [ We don't need to and are not going to be able to come to a community-wide agreement on the precise amount of optimism / pessimism to have about the situation, which makes hectoring others about their lack of / overabundance of optimism rather pointless.  Let's focus on news and analysis of the threat, not what you think other community members should feel about it. ]

    fair enough. To each their own, i suppose.

  4. 1 minute ago, tucker26 said:

    Better to be scared with the reality of this than...you know, actually getting or passing the Coronavirus (in addition to real confusion and full on depression)...There is light  at the end of the tunnel but is a long ways out...Unless this is the new uniforms for MLB...


    I disagree entirely.. again... while i understand the seriousness of the situation and have placed/followed restrictions on myself as well to prevent myself from getting it/passing it on to others.. i dont think us as a whole living in fear is going to benefit anybody. Now, this does not mean we need to be reckless about things either.

    Personally, i think it would serve everyone well to look at that light at the end of the tunnel you refer to.. but, thats just some crazy guy from Torontos opinion.

    *side note - new uni's lol*

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  5. 8 minutes ago, tucker26 said:

    Disagree. Preaching false hopes builds a false sense of security that is making the problem worse. It's going to get worse before it gets better. People aren't taking it serious enough and could cite many articles but we have seen them, here is one... https://time.com/5807073/millennials-coronavirus-who/

    It is not false hope. There are reasons for optimism. You providing me with a link is doing nothing more than i have already claimed.. scaring people.. making things worse... and at the end of the day it will do nothing but lead people into a sense of confusion and borderline depression.

    Testing has been upgraded significantly. Restrictions have placed in many areas (and while i agree they should be higher.. this is better than what it was a few weeks ago). All scientists around the world are fighting for the same cause for the 1st time probably in humanity.. you have to assume a cure/something noteable to prevent transmission is on the horizon.

    Personally, im seeing a lot of positives slowly emerging.. and i would like to view the positives as a means to a return to normalcy sooner than a lot of the negative minded posters through out this forum are..

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  6. Also, some of you guys/girls needs to learn to be more optimistic.. your negativity is such a drain on people and kills the morale of the people... no different than how CNN and other news stations go about business.. A lot of people have recovered from Corona to date.. no mention of it.. just sickness and death. Gonna drive everyone crazy. We will see baseball and we will see it sooner than you guys all think..

    *i do realize the severity of the situation and am in no way not taking it serious*

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  7. Not sure if you all have heard some of the news coming out of the MLB this morning?

    1. MLB has agreed to give players a full year of service time regardless of the number of games played (nothing has been determined in relation to a canceled season)

    2. Players are open to playing double headers twice a week to help with the integrity of the MLB season.

    3. Scott Boras has proposed a couple options to the MLB in relation to the structure of the season. I get it. He is an agent. He does have pull, and he is in close with those in higher ranks who does have more pull if his isnt considered.

    He has proposed both a 144 and 162 game season. World Series will be played on Christmas day. As the season goes on and into the playoffs.. neutral sites will be the location of these games. Im personally excited cuz Toronto is on that list.. even though my home town team may not be in the playoffs.. it is possible i get playoff games.. thank you to that dome.

    Also, a side note.. which i should have mentioned above.. the 144 game season would start July 1. The 162 game season would start June 1st. The June 1st would be lovely especially if Shapiro gets his way and has a whole full 4 weeks of warming up before the season starts.. this would indicate baseball returns in............MAYYYYY. As i have been saying, lol.

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  8. https://globalnews.ca/news/6726030/coronavirus-treatment-new-york/

    Interesting piece of news.

    Again, i can not stress it enough.. i truly do feel that with this being the priority of all the scientific minds in the world at the moment, the 24hour clock for research and trials being used wisely.. we're going to come to a solution much quicker than i believe some of you guys think.. Will this be a cure? no, probably not. but definitely a way to help prevent the transmission or lighten the load for the health systems.. allowing us to slowly get back to a normal life.

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  9. 19 minutes ago, Backdoor Slider said:

    This is possible. There are signs of this in S.Korea and Hong Kong already (I believe). 
    It will be something we deal with all summer, and then next Fall and Winter until there’s a vaccine. 
    That said, there is no way the lockdowns continue. It’s just impossible for the economy. So once we flattens the curve (which literally means less peak but longer period of time dealing with it), the country will move forward. 
    And I won’t be shocked if MLB wants to be part of the “America is back” tour. 

    I could not agree with you more.

    Firstly, all indications of the second wave in Hong Kong is due to people abroad returning and bringing the virus with them.. and not so much residents who were present in the country for the duration of the breakout... so, this is promising in the sense they know where the 2nd wave has come from.. who is responsible.. and how to contain those people.. i would like to think we in N.American can follow suit..

    and MLB for a little while now has been viewed as the less popular of the major N.American sports.. as in.. not as much diversity.. and mostly older people watching/attending.. so, can you imagine MLB.. Americas past time coming back before any sport.. giving all Americans something to look forward to? baseballs popularity will be at an all time high.. and for a sport craving the attention.. they def want to be a part of that.. totally agree with you..

  10. 1 minute ago, azeri98 said:

    It's not that easy, they have to travel as well, Airports are probably one of the worst places to go. If one guy on any team gets it they have to quarantine the entire team for 2 weeks and the teams they probably played the week before, then what? Do you stop the season every time one guy on a team gets it?

    I totally get the whole airport thing...

    So, can they not travel like many European soccer clubs do? a typical airport trip for a big soccer team would consist of: 1. Board team bus at hotel 2. drive to airport 3. bus pulls up directly to the foot of the plane 4. players leave bus/directly onto air plane 5. process repeats at desired location

    The only issue with this becomes the bus driver/pilot and potentially air crew.. if MLB is serious about it.. hire one pilot/crew/bus driver per team for the year.

  11. 1 minute ago, azeri98 said:

    The United States has 327 million, Japan has 127 million, then add in the athletes, no way baseball starts in May, they still need to have a warm up period, my best guess is July.

    Yeah, the warm up period will be in May.. and beyond that.. games will take place behind closed doors for the majority if not the entire season..

    Ultimately, if games are to be played.. the only people they need to contain are people within MLB themselves.. outsiders are not exactly the biggest cause for concern if MLB were to begin playing games again.

  12. 1 minute ago, TribeFoo said:

    He has yielded to the states on this matter entirely to this point. There haven't been any federal orders. As far as I know it's each state's governor's call.

    Fair enough. I shall assume you saw Trump wanting the nation 'back to normal' by Easter. This gives you guys roughly 3 weeks more or less. Just generally curious if at that point it becomes Federal orders. It will be interesting, especially more so because i am sure we can both agree not all states will agree with this order and may ignore it entirely.

  13. Also, this is for anybody in the NY area or is up to date with the state of NY..

    Can you please keep us informed with how the medical trials are being received by the public? and also the success rate of them? I mean, im sure if they are successful, the whole world will know and begin to use it on their patients.. but, please, feel free to keep non-NY residents in the loop.

  14. 21 minutes ago, TribeFoo said:

    Keep in mind we're in a separate mess when it comes to state's guidelines. I live in Ohio and we're under stay at home orders. Other states are not. Our governor is on TV and very much did NOT commit to this pipe dream of opening everything back up by Easter. Having different rules per state will be a nightmare for any sports league assessing when it can start back up.

    Forgive my ignorance, but, lets assume Trump orders people back to work and restricts these guidelines, are States forced to abide by these rules or can each state dictate when their people go back to work and restrictions are lifted?

  15. 9 minutes ago, SpecialFNK said:



    Olympics have postponed until 2021. what does that say for baseball, July? August? 2021?

    I dont understand how you can compare the MLB with an Olympics games. We are talking about the entire world crunched up into one small area of the world (athletes/fans combined) versus a single nation (sure, some of the athletes are from the Carribean but the comparing number of athletes fail in comparison)

    I still believe MLB will be back in May.. that leaves us with potentially still 9 weeks to get this sorted out if we wish to see pre-June ball.

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  16. 15 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:


    I think it's pretty far-fetched.  Hong Kong seemed to have things under control, then decided to relax restrictions, and now cases are spiking again:


    (On this chart, which is measuring the time it takes for the number of cases to double, up is good, down is bad.)

    For a more detailed analysis:

    Hong Kong appeared to have the coronavirus under control, then it let its guard down

    I do not disagree that we as a people can not go from having all these measures in place one day.. to being back to complete normalcy the following morning..

    however, what is most noteworthy in relation to Hong Kongs situation is this new spike in cases are primarily from people over seas.. either via schooling or business. If they had of gotten their citizens back and/or closed borders much sooner and for a lengthier period of time, this spike may have been possible to avoid.

    The same applies to us in N.America.. continue with the travel restrictions prohibiting any international flights either in or out and i dont see us having a spike in cases again once we have this under control.. that combined with the potentially good news we hope to uncover in the next week or two regarding the trials in NYC using HCQ

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  17. 3 minutes ago, meh2 said:

    It’s because there are people over there self-medicating. It’s like if the news announced Tylenol could help prevent the virus, you’d have idiots popping open their pill bottles guzzling down pills and then showing up at the ER with liver damage.

    When i first read this yesterday.. my initial reaction was f---.. the hope of this drug being a positive is gone.. then i read they are over dosing themselves and not via prescriptions from physicians. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, Sonny_D said:

    Well, a positive outlook for a change. This Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist was ON THE MONEY with his projections for China back on Feb 1st. And his outlook for us is very positive as well. Judging from his projections, I’d put him on par with Steamer when it comes to accuracy:







    I will say this again.. baseball in May.

    I am not a doctor, but, i just feel confident that we will have this under control within the next little while and baseball in May is not a far fetched idea.

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  19. Tomorrow, Tuesday March 24th, 2020 has the potential to be the beginning of the end of this. 

    Lets all hope and pray to the Gods above that the testing that is about to begin in NY will prove successful enough that the majority of us can begin to see the light and the turn around of this horrible time throughout the world that has claimed so many lives to this point.

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  20. 4 minutes ago, KCTD25 said:

    NY is doing a large scale study on the those two drugs starting on Tuesday I believe. Maybe that's already been mentioned in this thread though. Plenty of eligible test subjects unfortunately ☹️. Really hoping it comes through. 

    I am going to assume the trial will be over atleast a 7-10 span if not longer. I mean, it will only mean something if the drug proves to cure the sick and ensure that they remain that way.. which unfortunately will require some time. Either way, this is great news and i like everyone else.. hopes this proves to be the cure we are all seeking.

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  21. 2 minutes ago, jfazz23 said:


    getting it is not the issue.  its the kill rate and whether or not there is a cure (there is)

    sources are one of the most well respected viral scientist/doctors in France...Dr Didier Rauolt


    Greg RIgano of Johns Hospkins (used to smoke weed with johnny hopkins and sloan kettering) here is an interview he did yesterday



    and the fact Lennox Hill Hospital in NY has used it on 100 patients and hasnt lost one.

    Where did you read Lennox Hill Hospital has successfully used this drug on 100 patients? If so, why are other hospitals not using this?

    Not doubting. Just curious why this isnt more known through out the globe at this point when considering the loss of life..

  22. 1 minute ago, KCTD25 said:

    I agree that we probably shouldn't compare our situation to South Korea, China or Japan. However we really shouldn't compare our situation to Italy either. 

    I agree, you guys (U.S.A) are not on the level Italy has. A lot of this IMO has to do with cultural differences, and i truly do not believe that the U.S was any more  as unprepared than Italy was.

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  23. 14 minutes ago, jfazz23 said:


    no we havent underestimated it. and again....as a matter of fact Trump was called racist for closing travel to and from China early on.  they are also completely turning people away from the southern AND northern border.  Travel from EU stopped.


      the HCQ/A drug is curing 99.75% of cases.  this is media hysteria combined with Swampy "Doctors" who work for the big pharm companies and love big government grants (that Tonycpu believes lol) trying to dismiss this drug.


    Multiple controlled studies, the most significant one authored by Dr. Didier Rauolt in southern France, have seen that 99.75 percent cure rate be matched over and over.


     Lennox Hill Hospital in New York has even adopted the HydroxyChloroquine formula, and they have yet to lose even a single victim to COVID-19 of their more than 100 cases that they are treating. 100 for 100!!!!! id draft those numbers over Trout and Acuna!

    I am familiar with Rauolt and his recent findings that have been published. However, i have not see any exact percentages such as those that you have shown. Do you have any sources that validate those percentages?

    I believe it is possible Rauolt is onto something, and infact, in a couple of the asian countries (i believe they are China/S.Korea) they have already labeled this drug as an efficient medicine to use for those with Covid-19

  24. 5 minutes ago, Picard56 said:

    Why is everyone being so pessimistic about the season starting mid May??? Our hospitals are likely getting creamed right now... but the CDC recommendation is for no gatherings of 50 people for eight weeks, and them playing in empty stadiums would be optimal for the public for the entire season. It's totally possible that the curve is down around that time of the recommendation, even though the USA was slow to respond. We can't be completely holed up in our houses for the entire year as eventually we'll just run out of supplies and the economic impact will kill more people than the virus itself.

    Also, I have been self isolating before my state even ordered shelter in place, so I do think this is a serious situation...

    Please, do not say baseball in Mid-May in this forum.. i have done so multiple times and have received rather pessimistic responses.

    I have said and stand by my prediction of baseball in May at some point.

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  25. 12 hours ago, Trench Mob said:


    It's up to the people to listen to the leader here in the US to get things back to normal. Most are selfish by nature and the leader is a Orange. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Those two combinations are more than enough to be fearful.

    "the leader"... man, i cringe every time i hear Trump be referred to as a leader. I get it, my boy Trudeau isnt exactly the most amazing PM in our countries history, but, how so many Americans even voted for Trump to 'lead' their country baffles my mind.

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