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  1. His catcher had to settle him down in the 5th but Lambert got through it. Seemed otherwise poised, despite some walks.
  2. Just wanting to shout out Pete Alonso for being so charming
  3. Yeah, weird that with the MRI coming back clean he sat the full weekend with no update.
  4. Really curious about what expectations we should have from him. The Pirates have been scoring at a pretty good clip. I wonder if he brings even more energy to the lineup? Or does he struggle to rev up? I’ve always liked him so hoping for the former.
  5. I get what you’re saying, but having watched both...Sizemore was so clearly a byproduct of injury and time away that I just don’t think the comparison is fair. He couldn’t stay on the field. Whereas Ramirez has been playing and just had some huge lapse in the middle of last year that’s ongoing. Like didn’t he hit .210 after the ASB last year? So, macro, definitely similarities in breakout/drop off. But zoom in and it’s for very different reasons. Jose still has a lot more room to adjust. Where everyone was pretty sure Grady would never make it back.
  6. I dropped him. In a non-dynasty league it seemed like there’s more value in going with whoever is on a streak rather than waiting for Biggio to maybe put something admirable together.
  7. Right? That’s been what’s made me almost drop him. I’ve watched him swing and miss on a bunch of pitches right in the heart of the plate. He’s looking at the left fielder before he’s finished his swing.
  8. Keep being really torn on if I should hope this guy goes on a streak or if I should drop him for a strong bullpen arm to lower some ratios until someone else emerges as a hot pickup
  9. His Home/Away splits are starting to show. I sat him today and it paid off. I think if you keep him and use him for home starts...he might still pay off?
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