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  1. LeBlanc confirmed bulking today. Padres having a bulpen day. Yardley or Erlin likely to get the largest piece of the innings pie, there. Jays might have a bulking situation, but hard to say who is bulking there; Godley or Waguespack
  2. Looks like they plan to start either Brian Johnson or Andrew Cashner, and give them a regular start. Even if it's a short outing for whichever one goes, it doesn't look like anyone will get a bulk load of the innings outside them.
  3. TB Times just confirmed Beeks is bulking today.
  4. Possibilities for Milone and/or Beeks bulking today. Neither is confirmed, though.
  5. Not confirmed, but expected. Tuivailala is the expected starter, and LeBlanc's turn is up. ESPN, MLB, CBS, NBC and Rotowire all list LeBlanc as bulking/primary
  6. Milone to bulk today against Detroit and their 36-81 record. Should be a good one.
  7. Yeah, all sources now showing Beeks starting. (ESPN, CBS, MLB, Rotowire)
  8. Possibility of the Rays bulking Beeks today. I'm seeing conflicting reports of Beeks starting vs Kittredge starting and Beeks bluking. It'll probably become a bit clearer later today.
  9. Austin Pruitt and Brock Stewart both came out positively yesterday. Not seeing any bulkers going today, sadly.
  10. Blue Jays - Brock Stewart OR Zack Godley, up against Ariel Jurado and the Texans My money is on Stewart getting the ball here. He bulked on 8/7 while Godley pitched 3 innings on 8/8. That, along with Stewart's success in that showing, make me think he's the one for this matchup. Rays - Austin Pruitt against Joey Lucchesi and the Padres.
  11. Doesn't look like there will be any bulkers today, either. Beeks looks scheduled to make the start.
  12. Brock Stewart bulks today for Toronto up against Brendan McKay and the Rays. This dude has struggled in previous shots in the big league with the Dodgers. That being said it's like free points if you can afford the roster spot.
  13. Pretty sure he's in for the foreseeable future, provided he keeps performing like he did.
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