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  1. Selling $250 FFPC team 2-3. Russell Wilson, Aaron Jones, Metcalf, Michael Thomas among top players, DM or email to vblbaseball@yahoo.com if interested.
  2. Sent you emails with the available teams. Thanks
  3. Looking to sell some FF dynasty teams at discount. Family/personal issues. All teams have their 2021 picks. Solid rosters. FFPC teams available too. Inquire within. DM if interested and email you rosters.
  4. Hello, Owner quit last minute and orphan available. $50 league but 50% discount for 2020 for $25. Team is Kingslayers and 1.05,2.03,2.08,4.08 2020 rookie picks. DM me or egold3@yahoo.com if interested. Link below https://www66.myfantasyleague.com/2020/options?L=67847&O=07
  5. Hello, Orphan available due to owner leaving for medical reasons. Team has 1.01 and all picks. $50 league and 50% discount so $25 first year. Leaguesafe goff, brees,lock penny, AJ Green, Harry hardman, giseki, Ebron Email me at vblbaseball@yahoo.com if interested.
  6. Interested in main league. Can you send rosters of available teams, rules, Payout etc?
  7. Hundreds of leagues where the commish does not look down on owners who aren’t diamond. Not sure why one would want to be in a league with an arrogant commish.
  8. Can’t access the keepers when I click on link Can you post?
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