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  1. I was gonna double up on the Colts but if you want, go for it - could also take another later team. PS I would have to do some research but if people are interested (bored) enough I could hang with a third round
  2. No one player brings a team to the playoffs. The whole team does. Anyway enough sidetracking back to the mock
  3. Again assuming Barkley stayed healthy? No. He was the best RB to come along in some time, more of a game-changer than any OL or secondary guy, and they had a desperate need at RB, and and you say, were hoping for a last SB run from Eli. Given the boost Barkley appeared to give, running and receiving, it was the most logical match for that last SB run. And how'd that work out? It's not just about need or talent but how much of a "sure thing" a player appears to be. Barkley at that time appeared to be just that. And I don't recall any outcry of "oh what a bad pick" whe
  4. Or a real OL. Or a real RB that stays healthy. He's had jack to work with. I don't know if he'll pan out but agreed it's way too soon to say.
  5. Depends on the RB and the need. For ex, hindsight is 20/20 with the injuries but Barkley was absolutely the move for NY back when. This "it's all a passing league RBs don't matter much" is BS.
  6. I'll go into the second as needed FYI - that's probably my limit though, after that you get into mostly guys I either don't know much about or never even heard of
  7. PS if you want to give me another team for the sake of moving it along, I'll check back
  8. The Colts find their replacement for their retired starting LT in Sam Cosmi, OT, Texas.
  9. Thanks but I have no interest in videos or any FF draft rankings, just NFL draft sites with projected picks and analysis of those picks..... "Draft countdown" used to be great but quickly and tragically became completely laughable (last projections updated in July need I say more). It's sad how rare it is to find worthwhile mock drafts now.
  10. Oh hell patience was never my strong suit 1 Jacksonville: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson (Boudewijn)2 NY Jets: Zack Wilson, QB, BYU (smeeze)3 SF (from Houston): Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State (jumper)4 Atlanta: Trey Lance, QB, ND State (mocha4313)5 Cincinnati: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon (ajs723)6 MIA (from Philadelphia): Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida (fachowski)7 Detroit: Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU (thebadferret)8 Carolina: Devonta Smith, WR Alabama (P@ckersfan)9 Denver: Micah Parsons, LB Penn State (lolcopter)10 Dallas: Patrick Surtain II, CB Alabama (The 7th Beat
  11. PS that said if it drags on, in the interest of the greater good, I'll take one of the boring teams
  12. The next 5 teams bore the tears out of me, so I'll dibs the Colts.
  13. Since this does impact FF drafts... Draftek is IMO the best. Frankly precious few worth a flip I've seen lately. Walter football used to be worthwhile but is a total joke now. As is any site that just lists picks without analysis about why that pick makes sense. Any others?
  14. It smacks of desperation. All of that money and still they don't have anyone worth a flip at QB, the most important position on the team, and not exactly an overwhelming cast at the so-called skilled positions either. They'll be lucky to hit .500 and I doubt they do even that.
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