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  1. I'm also noticing Phillip Lindsay is a FA as well - worth it to scoop him up?
  2. I have the Bears. Should I "upgrade" to the Saints or is this a knee jerk reaction after the first week?
  3. Should I drop Jordan Howard or Kareem Hunt for Hines or Antonio Gibson?
  4. Who should I drop between Tarik Cohen, Hockenson and Kareem Hunt for him?
  5. No - I'm more like a #8 in a 10 team league - so probably not a good chance I get him. But better to try than not to right?
  6. I also like Tarik, but he is an RB2 for the time being.
  7. Half PPR. This guy dropped Howard for James Robinson - just unsure why he did that since Howard is the RB1 out of Miami (Will Breida be competitive)?
  8. Someone dropped Jordan Howard and I am thinking about dropping Tarik Cohen for him (but unsure since Tarik will most likely be RB1 this weekend and would like to see how he performs). Put in a waiver bid for Jordan Howard?
  9. How likely is it that Giants vs. Padres game doesn't happen on Sunday?
  10. Unrelated to the current discussion, but is Watson the guy out of SF or is it a committee with Rogers?
  11. Hey at least our mets are on a roll as of late (somewhat). Since everyone makes the playoffs this year - lets hope for a .500 finish and a WC spot (and for Cohen to revamp the whole FO and team). Ya Gotta Believe.
  12. Yea - I looked at his numbers and he had a monster season last year and above average (but not MVP caliber) the other two years. Should've taken Mookie instead.
  13. Another 0-4 game from Belli. What a disaster - As silly as it sounds, I feel like he's cost me a few games this short season with these types of games where it really comes down to the wire and he has an O-fer. Though I know that we haven't played a full season, I'm definitely going to pass on him first round next year if given the opportunity to draft.
  14. Just out of curiosity - any word on Giles? Seeing Bass picking up a save here and there so just thought I'd ask. Thanks.
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