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  1. I stand by my Taylor comment. As for Pettis, it's week 1 of preseason. He'll be fine.
  2. Oh i think he'll have a big year too. He just won't see the volume of targets to get into top 12 status. Shanny is going to spread the ball around. Pettis isn't just competing with the other WRs for looks, Kittle, Coleman, Brieda Dwelley, and even Juszczyk will see a LOT of targets this year.
  3. I'm a pretty big niners homer and even I think this is bold
  4. I'm just gonna throw this out there. While Pettis is the "#1" WR, Trent Taylor is the guy I feel will get the most consistent targets on a weekly basis. Outside of Kittle, of course
  5. I'm a niners fan and follow TC on a daily basis. At no point has Bourne been ahead of Pettis in any sense. I apologize for saying "made up"... that was poor wording, but you definitely misread something or read something from someone who has no clue what they're talking about. Top targeted players so far from Garoppolo in TC as of today: Kittle(29), Trent Taylor(27), Pettis(22), Coleman(18). Bourne is a bubble guy, fighting with Richie James for the final WR spot and has taken hardly any first team reps.
  6. You can't find anything because it's made up. He's had some struggles this camp, but by no means is he not the starter. He's the #1 outside WR in a Shanahan offense. Not worried at all about a few training camp drops.
  7. Best Draft Pick: Jonathan Villar ($2 in auction) Worst Draft Pick: CJ Cron (dropped early in the year) Best Add: Yordan Alvarez ($1 off waivers) Worst Drop: Tanner Roark (have been pretty fortunate with my drops) Best Trade: Miguel Andujar for Josh Bell (preseason) Worst Trade: Charlie Morton for Aroldis Chapman (my SPs are struggling)
  8. I have Bell at 1B, Rendon at 3B and Krush Davis at Util. Even with that I can't bring myself to drop this guy. He's legit
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