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  1. H2H Points, two keepers aloud, need pitching for a run in the playoffs Trade- Mookie Betts Get- JD Martinez and Aaron Nola Do you make that trade? *Id be keeping Bellinger and Arenado
  2. I like it, I think Darvish has been putting it back together recently and I also love Domingo but if Castellanos gets moved thats good value. I have Eflin also and he has me worried.
  3. would love to have all three but that isnt an option
  4. H2H ESPN Points Keeper league- no limit on time you can keep them Homeruns are 10 while stolen bases are only 1. They have all spent time as top bat in our league down to 25 overall in various seasons. Mookie, Bellinger, Arenado Which two would you keep?
  5. H2H ESPN Points League, Re-draft We need pitching bad We trade Keston Hiura and Zach Gallen We get Domingo German Worth it?
  6. H2H Points ESPN Keeper league, no time restrictions on keepers Homers are 10 points in the league while stolen bases are just 1. A strikeout is -1 and oddly enough double play points count as 1 point (dumb but not changing) You can only keep one so which one do you choose? Bellinger or Mookie The other one will be getting traded for a haul of arms/bats to make a run at the championship.
  7. Well Baltimore is here and he is still terrible, need to stream this week, is it time to let him go? I get everyone says to hold but this is just bad, has been riding the bench for over a month now and cant hold him for much longer.
  8. wow appreciate the quick response
  9. Would you trade Eugenio Suarez and Austin Meadows for Hendricks? Seems like he is coming back fine and I really need someone with ace potential. Rotation is rough. Just have no faith in Suarez and im not as high on Meadows as everyone else.
  10. Does anyone think he will have a big second half? because he has been terrible. Some team wants him in our league and might ship him off for an arm
  11. Meadows has been god awful recently but is the better pick cuz Paddack is already having his innings limited
  12. our pitching isnt good enough without trading one of them
  13. Mookie seems to go every other year of popping 30 homers and hitting 300 and then batting 260-270 with 25 homers. What if 2018 is his cieling and bellinger can keep this walk rate up while batting 280-300 and hitting 40+ homers, thats the outcome im scared of missing with bellinger, this decision isnt just about this yr but the next 7
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