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  1. In a dynasty for Yahoo, and 2 managers haven't replied to multiple messages about coming back, so are going to reassign those teams. It's free, just for fun Head to Head 10 team league. Just trying to have a competitive league. One of the 2 teams is LOADED (and he was very active), the other is rebuilding and last year was his 1st year. Stats are: R, HR, RBI, SB, K, AVG., OPS, and XBH for Offense and W, L, K, SV, Holds, ERA, WHIP, QS 30 Active roster, 5 NA, and for this year and last year with the pandemic, 5 IL. First come first serve. I can gladly post the rosters of thos
  2. I would certainly look at trying to move Martinez and Verlander. Verlander is very near the end, and Martinez has seriously lost it this year. But their price is the biggest reason.
  3. Trout, Turner, Mondesi, Clevinger, Kershaw, Correa for sure. Then its really what you want: an older but good SP (Greinke, Morton, Kluber), or someone to plug into a starting spot since if you have 2 UTI spots they would be taken up with Correa and Mondesi. In that case you would have Grandal, Moustakas, Aquino, Gueriel Jr.
  4. Trout: OF or CF Soto: OF or LF Baez: SS Albies: 2nd Machado 3rd/SS play at 3rd Clevinger SP Flaherty SP Last one really depends on your positions. I think the best going forward would be Bichette or Seager, but they would be a UTI. Same thing with Urshela and Cruz. Price on Cruz and Gurriel say no as well. If you are ok having the last guy a UTI spot then I would go one of them. But also think about Laureano OF/RF or Paxton as SP
  5. I think Soto is on the edge/verge of being Top 10 now, but as a dynasty player he absolutely is.
  6. I would trade Verlander. He is too old at this point
  7. Not part of the question, but why do you have Voit, Dozier or Smith in compared to Suarez (I'm guessing Eugenio).
  8. Bellinger, Bogaerts, Suarez, Mondesi, Kershaw, Martinez
  9. I don't know that Bryce should be a complete lock. I'd keep Devers as a lock before him. I'd say depending on what else can be expected for keepers I'd have Story, Devers, Ramirez, Harper; but I can see an argument for Alonso and Hiura too
  10. Soto, Betts, Tatis are no brainers. Then I would look at position eligibility. So while say Turner may be better than say Torres, 2nd base eligibility is going to be lower next year, so I would lean Torres. And same with a 3rd baseman (Machado) over 3rd OF (Alvarez or Judge). In my opinion, Bell needs not be in consideration, and with the others listed neither does Mondesi (unless he can keep 2nd).
  11. Albies, Baez, Machado, Soto, Trout, Bichette, Clevinger, Flaherty
  12. Don't know what exact positions your league has, but may want to look at eligibility for next year. Yelich will be OF or RF and maybe LF Ramirez will almost assuredly be 3rd only. Arenado 3rd only Bogaerts SS only Baez would only qualify for SS based on games this year. Freeman 1st Hiura 2nd Ketel Marte 2nd, SS, CF It sucks, as I am in a dynasty league and had set up my IF and OF with: 1st- Goldy/Gallo, 2nd- Baez, Mondesi 3rd- Vlad/Machado, SS- Tatis, and then those others aside from Vlad and OF- LF- Yelich, CF- Trout, RF- Blackmon but quite a few
  13. Again, you seem to have VERY high expectations. There is no way I can say he has been sub par. He isn't far off from 1st round grade atm. Of course my league has a bit different scoring to maybe effect rankings a bit, and a 10 teamer, but let's go off the Top 12. I wont go specific rank, just whether Top 12 is in Top 12. Trout- Yes, Betts- No, Arenado- No, Martinez- No, Scherzer- No, Turner- No, Yelich- Yes, Acuna- Yes, Degrom- No, Ramirez- No, Altuve- No, Harper- No. 3 out of 12. And if we go top 30: Betts, Arenado, Scherzer make it in. Again, I would rather have
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