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  1. Josh Jacobs, Chris Carson, Joe Mixon, Emmanuel Sanders, or John Ross?
  2. 0/4...sheesh just my luck. I just added him yesterday. At least he had a run
  3. Just dropped in my league, I have a hunch he’s about to go on a tear
  4. He’s been a bit cold lately, hopefully this rest day will help him get back on track.
  5. I’m talking about season long leagues though, is he still a stash then?
  6. He’ll be back this year, tough blow though. OF is a deep position this year though.
  7. [...] It’s too bad that he sits when there is no designated hitter spot for him. Why can’t he play OF, he used to play it? Is he really that bad defensively now? Dude can rake, and has been, he should be playing every day in any league.
  8. Someone in my league dropped him once he got to the IL. I missed out on him earlier in the year, so once he went unclaimed last night, I picked him up. He’s only supposed to be out for 4 weeks right? I think he’s worth a stash. He was on pace for a 30-20 year before his injury.
  9. With Hendriks being a bit unpredictable lately, anyone else betting on him getting the closer gig back? He was dropped in my league and went unclaimed, so I picked him up. I’d like to think he’ll begin to improve as the year goes on
  10. [...] Anyone else streaming him this week? I would like to think he’ll begin to improve with two good matchups coming up this week.
  11. He’s off to a good start so far in the 2nd half!
  12. https://www.rotoballer.com/2b-and-ss-waiver-wire-pickups-for-week-16/649274 interesting write up on Odor, I’m buying it based on his history. Good read.
  13. Another HR for my guy! Dude is straight up ballin!
  14. Added him 2 days ago, nice to see him pitch this gem! Getting out of Yankee stadium was the best thing that happened with his career
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