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  1. Im going to go out on a limb and guess that anyone and anything taking the virus lightly will be on the wrong side of history. Whether that be individuals or entire sports leagues
  2. Innacurately? I fixed it for you. Do you get it yet?
  3. How dare they! Fixed. Same type of fantasy players will react like this when you dont crack at the end of a trade negotiation after 4 counter proposals. If you start so far away that even when you get to a middle point, its not in your favor, then you should hold your ground.
  4. I agree with this. If we dont fire up testing everywhere for everyone, we're toast until a vaccine is ready
  5. I wonder if the number of faulty tests rising has anything to do with pushing thru the red tape and approving tests that prolly shouldnt be approved that quickly?
  6. I dont care to research who or what countries are higher than NY. You were agreeing with a post about us testing more than everyone and added dont trust the headlines so I was simply pointing out that our volume of testing doesnt matter when our populations dwarf most countries except China. And just like China misleads their numbers, you dont think ours are misleading when they only test people with severe symptoms or if they are rich? Its all a manipulation game
  7. This is very much true as well. Good post. Lots of variables.
  8. There are approx 43 countries/territories that have higher testing per capita so lets not work the "We test more than any other country" narrative. Its like when certain failed leaders claimed(before the pandemic) that more people are working now than ever before. Well, duh. Population goes up by the millions each year. Its like arguing Total K's vs a higher K/9. Whatever side ur on, you will argue. Im not trying to attack anyone. Just pointing out facts. Nothing personal
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