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  1. Wise words, my friend. Your honesty is appreciated. They don't really trash talk. I am just looking for a way to not make it not strictly about the payouts. FF is one of my hobbies and I was just looking for a way to get my other league mates to care about it a bit more. It is a win-win when for the players and league when everybody commits and buys in.
  2. Hello fellow commissioners! I have a 12-team family league and I’m looking for ways to make my league fun for everybody. I think smack talk is the key for my league. We don’t have a live in-person draft because we have people who live all over the country and world. So I am considering writing a weekly newsletter(thread) to make my league more engaging and fun for everybody. I’ve done a little research on this topic and found a few categories/awards to give out each week in the newsletter. The categories are listed below, but with my “working labels.” What has been your experi
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