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  1. He'll be IL. Twins have to sit him if they can keep their lead...save him for the playoffs. If they start to slip though, he'll be back sooner.
  2. Drop Pineda for Calhoun who seems to be heating up.
  3. I'd sit Q... Buehler is due for a strong start, and the LA bats will probably back him up.
  4. Commish is offering me a trade, that I don't want to take, but it is intriguing. He is offering SS Trea Turner and SP Patrick Corbin. He is asking for SS Fernando Tatis Jr. I LOVE Tatis...I don't like Trea's health. I like Corbin's ceiling...but...oh man. Thoughts? I lead in total points by almost 300, but everyone somehow scores their season high against me, so I'm currently 9-7-0 Team in Signature Dynasty, Keep 25, HTH Points. Value in K, GIDP ... SB don't play a huge points role. WHIR
  5. .325, 40 HR, 100 RBI, 100 R, 60 BB, and 60 K next year. Somebody bookmark this.
  6. Vlad will be the #1 fantasy producer next year... And a few after.
  7. Hands to the ball ... Good length but not fully extended like Springer or Bellinger...finishes level slightly toward his shoulder blade. Slightly open stance stepping more toward first than the pitcher.
  8. Keep what you got. Verlander is 37...
  9. I hope Cruz wasn't on the bench tonight. I'd have a real hard time letting go of Justin Bieber personally.
  10. Right now, Plesac because of the offense supporting him.
  11. McKay rumored to pitch tomorrow Urquidy because low walks great changeup
  12. I don't know if there's a move...I think you're still goos. Even with the DLs...not sure you could afford to give up what it would take to get what you want.
  13. 12 Team Dynasty... Keep 25 HTH points ... K and GIDP big money stats Don't necessarily need more pitching, but I COULD acquire the likes of: Broken Snell re-Acquire Nola Kershaw Flaherty Boyd Would you hold on to Correa? Health each season is irritating me.
  14. Segura is on the decline... Harder could end up a starter.
  15. Get: Trout, Beiber, Berrios, Soroka
  16. I mean...they're basically the same player right now. Just flipped a coin, and it was heads for Meadows.
  17. Those calves need some work Carlos.
  18. That ball he hit in his final AB tonight was a freaking bullet.
  19. I currently lead the league in points by about 200 overall, although my record is 9-6. This is one of those seasons where the scheduling has been a real POS for me. Opponents have combined for the highest totals against me...go figure. I've tried shopping Kingery, but no dice...even in combo deals. in a full season, he has potential to be a 30/20 guy, so maybe I'll hold out hope that he can stay healthy. Meadows was dropped and sat in FA for like 2 weeks, so I don't see him being of value atm. Maybe I'll just hold both since Urquidy would theoretically only get me like 10-12 points per week...always nice to have a little depth...especially if those guys get hot.
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