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  1. 12 Team Dynasty - HTH Points Keep 25 Just traded away Josh Bell for Clevinger... Should I add Urquidy and drop anyone else? Team in Signature. His stuff isn't terribly nasty, but he's got great control and a changeup that is a bit befuddling. Kingery and Meadows just sitting on the bench, but I like Kingery's long term...originally got him for 2B eligibility, but that's in the past.
  2. Went ahead and pulled the trigger on Clevinger for Bell trade (I received Clevinger). Feared a bad 2nd half. Needed another pitcher. Already have Bellinger and Hoskins.
  3. Good thoughts, I appreciate the feedback.
  4. Team is pretty stacked. 1B options are Bellinger, Hoskins, Bell. Team in signature. Easily the highest total points in the league...don't necessarily NEED a pitcher...but I just love making moves.
  5. Thinking about acquiring another pitcher. Should I, or am I just bored? Bell for Sale? Bell for Clevinger? Bell for Strasburg? Bell for someone else? Stay where I'm at... 12 Team Dynasty Keep 25 HTH Points
  6. Calf muscle are tricky...he'll be out at least a couple games.
  7. Hoskins is about to have a great 2nd half... Riley had his moment this season.
  8. Going on points, Lamets strikeouts are good. Urias I feel has a chance to be a good starter next year. Gallen, I just believe will get better. Someone just dropped Meadows, so I was seeing if it was worth an add.
  9. 12 Team Dynasty Keep 25 If you have to drop one, who? V Robles S Kingery A Meadows
  10. Bregman is too tough to miss days for a little scratch. May sit out one, but that's about it.
  11. I've wanted and tried so hard to believe in Gray. Actually has good stuff and more ground balls this year ... but the collapses. Took the offer BTW
  12. Vlad about to go Griffey on the field.
  13. I have to drop somebody when Correa gets off the DL...what do you think looking at my Sig?
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