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  1. Who you keeping if you have to drop one?
  2. Does this move Puk quicker as a starter rather than BP on his call up?
  3. Tough one...Gore and Bichette are the key pieces there. Dahl if he stays healthy would seal the deal depending on what else you got on your roster.
  4. Excited to see him again. I stashed him (released at TJ surgery) long ago only to see his health constantly slow him. Can't wait to see him throw again.
  5. Vlad. If you're getting both Pitcher and Hitter McKay, then still Jr.
  6. If it's a league vote, it's going to get vetoed or it's not. More on your league mate's shoulders than yours. If it goes through, then the majority saw no issue. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Let the cards fall. Throw in the token veto yourself for brownie points.
  7. Straight up trade in a 12 team dynasty league. Thoughts?
  8. 3 of my 4 are fading, and next season, I'm going to dissolve one league completely. If you have a keeper/dynasty league (Yahoo Only ... just what I know), let me know. 2x Diamond Finisher. Strong commitment. I can join now if a spot is available.
  9. So, basically Tatis for Buehler and Riley. I'd take A
  10. Nola is a top 10 pitcher now and future top 5. Having bumps is normal, and by season end, he'll be a sub 3.50 era guy.
  11. YAHOO - Knock knock ME - Who's there? YAHOO - Jose Urquidy ME - Jose Urquidy who? YAHOO - Exactly
  12. I don't think you should be gifted McKay the pitcher just because you stashed the hitter. When he goes on waivers as a pitcher, everyone has a chance. Totally different stats warrants totally different player eligibility.
  13. He countered with Hiura and McKay for Bellinger. I'm done chasing. Sucks because he didn't know ANYTHING about those two guys until we started chatting early in the season. My dumb mistake for talking them up.
  14. Looking at my roster, would you suggest a different trade for those two? I know he wants something big. Or, do I just be happy with what I got?
  15. I lead the league in points, but I've had an unfortunate schedule, so I'm 6-6 amazingly... worst defense in the league lol
  16. My team is in my profile...I'll get it in my signature later if I can figure out how. I am offering Correa L. Urias Giolito Would you accept that for McKay and Hiura?
  17. Get Kershaw still a few years left
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