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  1. Hey, I can get a team. Send me an invite pls. ekersemih@yandex.com thanks
  2. Hey, I checked the mail but I couldnt join the league. Can you send me again? Im ok with the team . ekersemih@yandex.com
  3. hi, I can get the team. My maid address is ekersemih@yandex.com Thanks,
  4. Hey , I can take the Bucks. my mail address is ekersemih@yandex.com
  5. Hi, Im interested in Boston Celtics team. ekersemih@yandex.com thanks
  6. I will look at both team rosters but I cant see the rosters. There is a warning "You do not have permission to view this page."
  7. I use GroupMe. I am interested in the team. ekersemih@yandex.com
  8. Many teams up are have managers. Only some of them seem not having owners. Which one(s) of them is/are selectable ?
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