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  1. Round 4 1- El Iguanodon (From The Decimators)- Rhamondre Stevenson RB, NE 2- Unemployed Sofa Kings- Adam Truatman, TE, NO 3- TomWithTheWeather - Kylen Granson. TE IND 4- $1000 Bounty OTC 5- IronCocks 6- TheHaskinsExperiment 7- Houston Targaryns 8- Back 2 Back!! 9- WoodDaleBandits 10- DerrickHenrysCleats 11- Fight Milk 12- El Iguanodon
  2. ROUND1 1- The Decimators - Trevor Lawrence QB JAX 2- Unemployed Sofa Kings - Najee Harris RB PIT3- TomWithTheWeather - Trey Lance QB SF4- $1000 Bounty - Justin Fields QB CHI5- IronCocks - Zach Wilson QB NYJ6- TheHaskinsExperiment - Mac Jones QB NE7- Houston Targaryns - Travis Etienne RB JAC 8- Back 2 Back!! - Ja’Marr Chase WR CIN9- WoodDaleBandits - Kyle Pitts TE ATL10- DerrickHenrysCleats - Devonta Smith WR PHI11- El Iguanodon - Jaylen Waddle WR MIA12- El Iguanodon- Javonte Williams RB DEN ROUND 2 1- The Decimators- Rashod Bateman - WR - BAL 2- IronCock (from Unemployed Sofa King
  3. Tom With the Weather drops Auden Tate and picks up free agent Colin Kaepernick. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I’m not going to pick them up. Just out of sportsmanship. I just looked over the list a few times. If I screw up and accidentally do grab someone drafted I’ll drop them with no ill will intended.
  5. Round 4 1- Joiquing Off - Adam Trautman 2- DerrickHenrysCleats - Eno Benjamin 3- Houston Targaryens - Hayden Hurst 4- The Haskins Experiment - Eagles DEF5- Unemployed Sofa Kings - Lamical Perine RB NYJ6- $1000 Bounty - DeeJay Dallas RB SEA7- The Decimators - PJ Walker QB8- IronCocks- Collin Johnson - WR - JAX9- Wood Dale Bandits - Jake Fromm - QB - BUF10- Tom With The Weather - LA Chargers DEF11- El Iguanodon - @megamoviejohn OTC12- Back 2 Back!!!!
  6. 1- Joiquing Off - CEH 2- DerrickHenrysCleats - Jonathan Taylor 3- Houston Targaryens - JK Dobbins4- The Haskins Experiment - Joe Burrow QB CIN5- Unemployed Sofa Kings - Tua Tagovailoa 6- $1000 Bounty - Justin Herbert7- The Decimators - CeeDee Lamb WR8- IronCocks - D'Andre Swift - RB - Lions9- Unemployed Sofa Kings from Wood Dale Bandits - Cam Akers10- Tom With The Weather - Jerry Jeudy - WR - Broncos 11- El Iguanodon - OTC @megamoviejohn12- Back 2 Back!!!!
  7. I’m in. Excited to be another year removed from the garbage I inherited. Hope you’re all staying well out there.
  8. @mbs4 OTC New guy here. So when does waiver wire open up? Is it as soon as the last pick is made in this round?
  9. 1- Hodor Hodor - (TomWithTheWeather) - Josh Jacobs, RB, OAK2- Unemployed Sofa King (MBS4) - Kyler Murray, QB, ARI3- Joiquing Off (Tyler Durden) - N’Keal Harry, WR, NE4- Kiss My Newton (I Can Have Roethlisberger) - Dwayne Haskins, QB, WAS5- Ironcocks (Iron-Cock) - David Montgomery, RB, Bears6- Wood Dale Bandits (Wood Dale Bandits) - Daniel Jones, QB, NYG7- The Decimators ( no roto) - Miles Sanders, RB, PHI8- $1000 Bounty (SportsGuy21792) - Darrell Henderson RB LAR9- Somebody Kill Me Pls (PackersFan1979) - T.J. Hockenson TE DET10-Houston Targaryens (southernSteeler)- Parris Campbell WR
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