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  1. I was really surprised in the final series on 2nd or 3rd down with like 4 yards to rush for the td if memory serves why did he not try to rush it in himself? I will never understand that fg kick call with a little over 2 min to go down 8.
  2. had a dk bestball team that was winning tonight i need to fade 11 dk points by mark andrews. my team was loaded by bb standards i had d henry julio ridley j taylo rojo swift claypool jefferson tee higgins goff and matt ryan have not been great at qb and te i **** the bed with higbee and ian thomas but man all those late round wrs i hit on all for nothing. if justin jefferson just gets me 4 more dk points i would have advanced. Oh well just god trolling me as usual. Another dk bestball team i was leading by about 41 at rb he still had hunt and chubb to go. you know the rest.
  3. you should have a look at juju catches. mckissic will be a ppr godsend this weekend and is a lock on draftkings dfs
  4. lol at hating on rashard higgins right about now lmao. yeah this team was total trash. cmac and dak going down and minshe and wentz what an awful team
  5. dude might become delaine walker who was a nothing early in his career but then put together some decent te years.
  6. steelers d which were top 3 vs te let logan thomas become travis kelce for a day against them. and mckissic was prime alvin kamara.
  7. gibson is def out vs san fran imo. if mckissic is on waivers and your league is ppr all the faab left on him
  8. and people say tomlin is a good football coach lmao. Just lose to the WFT on its 3rd qb when its star rb got knocked out the game in early first quarter and its star wr had under 30 yards and you still find a way to lose? Hilarious.
  9. I get everyone wanting to come in here and crap on his parade but this is who he has always been. If people draft him in first 3 rounds in 2021 they are fn crazy. In 2021 he is still a 5th or 6th round ultimate boom or bust wr. Ask hopkins owners how has it been going lately? would i rather have mclaurin steady 14 ppr points most weeks over the yolo 40 or 5 with some 15s mixed in? That depends. If i was going against d henry in the playoffs i rather have the upside of a lockett over the safety of a mclaurin (even though of course you are starting both but just saying in general you will prob
  10. fantasy has always imo been a game of luck and skill not just pure skill.There will always be surprises like 2020 antonio gibson (lately) and james robinson (all season) Anyone with a brain knew lamar would regress but how hard he has regressed has been the real surprise. I do think a new oc would do lamar and the whole offense some good but they also lost their stud o lineman due to a retirement and another one due to injury and stuff like that affects the offense. I have a team with big ben claypool and diontae. Another team with claypool diontae gus edwards and ebron. I know the r
  11. in 2021 rams and colts backfield are just best ball only and not somone i will bother with in season long unless i get them in like 9th or 10th round then it will be dart throw time.I do think if malcom brown goes away henderson akers could become poor mans ajones jamal williams but malcom brown ruins the fun.
  12. Next season is a long ways away but now that bill o brien is gone and texans garbage defense ensures carnivals every week. Since not much cap room and no first rounder in 2021 i do not see a path where the defense magically gets better. I did not have enough fuller also due to injury concers taking gallup in the same range in a lot of drafts. Clearly a mistake but such is life. In 2021 fuller will be a first or 2nd rounder in 2021. Anyone who thinks they are getting a top 5 fantasy wr in round 4 or 5 next year is kidding themselves.
  13. 2021 first rounder in redraft leagues. I only take kamara cook d henry and ajones ahead of him and even ajones is iffy. Kelce also maybe and i generally do not do wr in first few rounds and start rb rb due to most years rbs after round 2 being total trash with gibson and jrob being the only real hits this season (I guess hunt was a asemi hit and rjones is a top 12 fantasy rb due to the position dying who really has only had 4 monster games making up most of his points i think). [...] Oh well such is life. Yes matchup vs steelers will be tough but still right now he is the rb4 on th
  14. variance is a hell of a thing in fantasy football. if panthers have a crap game like they did vs falcons then cmac can easily struggle. I say this as someone who owns a bunch of him in auction leagues so trust m when I say i am hoping for a big ppr game. I just think 15 ppr points is prob more likely. I do not think they just give davis 0 series. I could see davis retaing 30 percent.
  15. i only own him on like 12 season long teams. Been getting buy with rojo most weeks but the fun ended last night for rojo so i need cmac to get back this week and at least give me a top 12 rb week. I do not expect him to just come in and get 25 ppr points. 15 would be nice.
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