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  1. Wendell is a very good player but the coach and environment as mentioned above is very bleh. He should approach 30 mpg and last year he averaged 14/10 2.5 ast 1.5 blks 1 Stl in the 9 games he played more than 30 minutes (About 34 MPG). I don't expect him to get 34 mpg but a year of progression and probably getting 30 mpg I think he can approach those numbers this year with the addition of maybe 0.5 3's on 50 FG% and 80 FT%. That right there is a near top 50 guy and he'll be a stud in his prime.
  2. Enjoy the 50 games Zeller will play. Adebayo has played more games the last 2 years (151) than Zeller has his last 3 (144). Also Zeller is in his 7th year and we know what he is at this point. His career per 36 averages are 12.9/9.1/2.2/1.1/1.2 and last year that was 14.4/9.6/3.0/1.1/1.2, so we know that he has little room for improvement, and even if he sees an uptick in minutes there's no guarantee he stays healthy. Adebayo showed improvements across the board (Pts/Stls/Blks/Rebs/Ast/FG%/FT%) in his per 36 numbers going into year 2, so we know he still has room for further improvement consid
  3. I would also like to point out that the Spurs ran a 10 man rotation last year and they ran a 10 man rotation in 2017-18 with a healthy Murray (and Kawhi being hurt). Going back a little further it seems the max number of guys who are a part of the regular rotation is 11, the rotation I have above is 12 people: Carroll replaces Bertans and Lyles replaces Cunningham. With the a returning Murray and a progressing Lonnie Walker it would not be surprising if Bellineli is actually not a part of the rotation.
  4. This seems like a terrible take. You don't have to be a sharpshooter to play SG lol. He shot 34% last year in what was effectively his rookie year, he was also a good 3pt shooter in college and he is a good FT shooter as well. White will start at SG so to say he's not playing ANY minutes there is weird. Patty also played 50% of his minutes at SG when Murray was healthy in 2017-18 (according to CTG). Patty/Marco/Forbes will all see a dip in minutes and Derozan will almost exclusively play at SF PG: Murray (27), White (12), Patty (8) SG: White (15), Forbes (15), Patty (7), Lonnie (6),
  5. I think it'd be fair to compare Porter's Chicago tenure to TJ Porter: 17.5 Pts 2.6 3's 5.5 Rebs 2.7 Ast 1.2 Sts 0.6 Blks 1.7 TO's 48.3 FG% 90.6 FT% Warren: 18.0 Pts 1.8 3's 4.0 Rebs 1.5 Ast 1.2 Stls 0.7 Blks 1.2 TO's 48.6 FG% 81.5 FT% The only unsustainable thing about Porter's line is the FT% due to the small sample size.
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