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  1. Thinking of dropping this guy for Larry Fitz
  2. Good luck to you as well. Against 49ers d, id rather have the pass catching back
  3. Thats all i need from this bye week fill in sir. And hes capable of much more. Malcolm has never been a feature back
  4. Hes practicing, limited. How the heck have they been tight lipped about his recoveryand im ashamed of all that so many of you are listening to a report with no evidence to back it up. Watch Barkley play this week.
  5. Makes no sense. We know whos not making playoffs
  6. Exactly. Ive seen no evidence to support this stupid report.
  7. Yes. you start him over those guys if he has a better matchup. You have to stop playing the "name game". Once upon a time Hopkins and Allen broke out just like Chark and guys were saying "should I really play Hopkins over Anquan Boldin?"
  8. Well duh, obviously reporters said it lol. That was my entire point. Reporters said this based on what? I've seen nothing from the coaches to warrant such a "report"... I'm not one to blindly listen to reporters. In fantasy, you have to ignore the false journalism. For instance, when reporters were hyping Darwin Thompson as the next man up, when Reid's comments made it clear he preferred Darrel Williams, I ignored the thompson hype.....You can't just take a reporters word as bible. All they are doing is reporting their opinion. In my opinion, I've seen no evidence to support t
  9. Who says its unlikely?? Ive seen nothing from the coaches or Saquon himself saying this so where are these reports coming from???
  10. This overhyped guy on terrible offense. No thanks
  11. OJ should have been dropped weeks ago. And the TE position is relatively deep this year. You can easily stream better options
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