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  1. 12 team, redraft league (meaning somehow I either drafted, traded, or picked up these players). 1PPR. Probably one of the best teams you can assemble considering I hit on every position. I won the league by over 390 points from me and the second place finisher in the regular season. I did win the championship as well. Lamar Jackson Christian Mccaffery Dalvin Cook Cooper Kupp Mike Evans George Kittle Will Lutz BENCH PLAYERS/FLEX Miles Sanders James white Alexander Mattison DK Metcalf Terry Mclaurin Streamed defense
  2. I think it’s adequate to compare him to other RB in the league. Again, your fooled on the amount TD’s rather than what he’s actually doing. He’s not running well as a whole.
  3. 19th in rush yards a game. 59 in yards per carry. I would say he is not running at an elite level. Yes he has some TD’s, but we can’t rely on TD defendant RB and everyone here is acting like he’s running at an elite level. He’s not. Your fooled
  4. To be honest, Jones has only been a RB1 because of the 1-2 yd TD runs he’s been getting. His actual runs are terrible. 4 out of 6 games he’s had less than 50 yards rushing. Fantasy owners are banking on a short yard TD because Jones isn’t running the ball at an elite level. He is mixing in some catches for PPR leagues. But I think we are fooled with how many TD’s he has versus how well he is actually running the ball...which is not good.
  5. I wanna say yes. Plus OBJ’s schedule late in the year is amazing
  6. I appreciate the input gentlemen!
  7. Yes. It was upsetting. I don’t even think I’m going to finish the season. There’s been 0 trades in this league all season it’s really boring and this was probably the last straw
  8. Wait you are the guy that is the commissioner of his league and vetoed your own trade just to low ball even more and bragged about it. get off this thread.
  9. Recently in my 12 team league I had a trade vetoed: Receive: OBJ trade away: Will Fuller At this point in time I feel like this will be my last year in the league as I don’t think it’s ok to veto trades just because you think it’ll help 1 team more than the other. The commissioner of the league was making statement like “that trade directly effects my team because it makes your team better” and “I’m gonna enjoy rounding up enough vetos”. It’s a work league however I don’t know many people as they work on another shift but they are all very close. how do you guys feel
  10. If your banking on an injury to help Hopkins...then good luck lol
  11. I started with Fuller having 14 tds in 16 games with Watson. 16 games is a pretty decent sample size. Their is some obvious chemistry between Watson and Fuller. That includes the bad 4 weeks Fuller had to start the season. Coming off an ACL tear from the previous year I think it’s OK to think he would have a slow start. However if you paid attention to the games, Watson was missing his throws to fuller. All the advanced statistics speak to Fuller having a big year being. I drafted Hopkins and Fuller in different leagues. I’m not saying Fuller is a better WR than Hopkins by any means
  12. I go off statistics. In 2018 in the four weeks with Watson, fuller finished as the WR 5, WR 4, WR 9, WR 3. Those are numbers that can’t be ignored. Ive been playing for awhile don’t you worry.
  13. Idk. 14 TD’s in 16 games with Watson seems like a big deal to me.
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