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  1. gotta be a draft tonight, please I've seen a few but they are either auction (which is very hard from a cell phone) or they are too late for me. Anyone else?
  2. Got a 5 hr drive on Friday evening, hit me up if you’ve got a yahoo league drafting so I’ll have something to do
  3. Yahoo only No auction, snake only $50+ Sunday 8/25 through Friday 8/30 immediate pay if joined
  4. Sounds fun, even more so if you get rid of that kicker 😁 would love invite jr.nation88@hotmail.com
  5. Not sure your understanding, I have to have location turned on, it will not let me deposit because Missouri is not approved. Sorry
  6. If this is the yahoo cash league, I can’t play from Missouri
  7. Going to be in a car and wanna draft! Yahoo/Snake/No auction please will jump in and pay quick
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